Wednesday, 7 May 2008

What's For Dinner?

Wishing that sound of Spanish or Italian music will accompany me on the dinner table.Young musicians serenading me with those lovely pieces of musical instrument & voices. Will sound way better right? Hee ;)

But all I could hear is the polluted sounds of trucks.
I hate the constuctions going on nearby my house these days.
Why did they took away my trees?
Where has the forest gone?
Too much development, Is just pathetic! :(


Since I have no idea what to blog about today,I'm going to share what I had for dinner. No grand meals served but just truly simplicity is what I need.

I drank iced La Vignetta Vinola da Tavola Rossa & ate Fried Macaroni With Vegetable, Tomato Ketchup & Chillis. Thought of having wine will be a good idea today.

A Good Imported Italian wine to quench my thirst .
Nyum,nyum :)

P/s : another short post.....apologies!



Kenny Mah said...

Come now, come now. Whyfore apologize for your blog's brevity? Less is more, no?

And that's a lovely idea... a glass of good wine with dinner. Time for me to slow down and pamper myself a lil too...

Tristan said...

That's too bad! Sometimes I long to get away from the city and go back to Kentucky where I can breathe some real fresh air!

Eudora said...

Kenny M - Yeah, Kenny, go on & indulge yourself and you're right less is definitely something more!

Tristan - I long for some real fresh air too! Coz apparently, I don't get much these days! Huhu :(