Saturday, 14 June 2008

And I have return...

Two three days of break from blogosphere & I'm back! :)
The energy to bring me full force to continue my stories of life.
For I have said that I shall return and suprisingly, it is sooner than I thought.
I just couldn't stand being away for too long! Who would have thought that? I guess I have too much to tell. Huahahaha :P

I've received 4 tickets from the office mailbox yesterday. The tickets for RWMF which my sister bought it online is FINALLY here! It is certaily a wayyyy fast service cause we got it the next day. Though we will only be at the event for the opening & closing,  but I am excited already! I've been wanting to go there since yesterdays! Heehe xD

And since the digi-cam won't do me any good, I am going to search for new one.  It doesn't have to be an expensive one for the time being.  Just as long as it could take some shots & record a video, it is fine enough to me. Still making decision on whether I should get a Nikon or Canon as I speak. Dilemma lah wei. What do you guys think? Hmmm...

This will also be our first sisterhood travelling just-the-2-of-us and I'm not sure how it will turn out. Plus our first time in a neighbouring state.  So anyone else will be going? Let me know aights! ;)

Had a little gathering at grandparent's place too yesterday.  As usual we had our family very own home cooked dinner to share. Besides chatting with family members and witnessing the lil cousins turning the whole house into a playground, here's what I'm up to.....

Drinking tapai, one the local KadazanDusun rice wine straight from the tajau, the place where the rice, water & the bamboo is soaked and put at. My uncle's wife brought it back from Tambunan during the Harvest festival celebration.

I had it only twice but it has already burning me up.  I'm starting to feel hot. The effect  just within seconds.  I can assure you that it tasted better than you would have thought.  Being an occasional drinker, not a biggie and I supposed not really a good one,  but the sweetness just make me carried away! You would love the taste. At least I did. Weee....

Heehe XD
I think I better stop now before the crap gets even further.
Don't want to make this post too lengthy.

Have a Great Weekend Y'all!



fie the elf said...

i havent had tapai for aagggeess

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Me, I've never had the opportunity to try tapai before. But definitely wanna try, esp. the way you had it. :)

P.S. Welcome back to Blogworld!

Eudora said...

Fie- You should drink it when you're back in KK again! ;)

Kenny- Thanks! Yeah, I'm back! ;)
Come here and try it someday! Cheers :)

Ami3 S10 said...

welcome back!! ^^

Eudora said...

Thanks Ams! ;)