Friday, 27 June 2008

I'm back but not too long.
I guess.

It's been days.
Yeah, I know. Don't even remind me.

Workload seems insane. Paperwork keeps piling up on the rack. There is like A LOT of pending cards need to be printed. Will it ever be decrease? I don't think so. There is like tons of stuffs on my table, I could die of the-super-duper-mess ! I need to be more organize. That not-so-tidy table is going to get me a pretty bad feng shui ! Heehe ;p

But thank goodness for my ever-so-crazy colleagues ! All we do is joke around & make each other laugh each day despite the busy schedule. At least it cheer us up a bit. But then again, only work can help me not think much about the recent past, bitterness part of life :)

Sleep deprived. Sometimes I can't resist complaining. It makes my grumpy face fugly..... I mean ugly. Forgive me. Been having late nights trying to help my younger brother finish-up his art project. That explain why my eyes are rather swollen these days and my body are weak by the lesser hours of beauty sleep. Need to get my body battery re-activated by next week! Otherwise you won't get the same me jumping around at an event.

Yuri has just replied me on Facebook.
Too bad he's not coming to RWMF this year. :(
Well, at least he wishes me to have fun. Which I bet I will. I hope.

One more week to go.
The excitement plus the tension is building up.
This time, I'm going to be a budget traveller.

And I wish I could attend this POP PUNK IT! SINGAPORE - Esplanade Powerhouse Stage 29th June 08 (Free Admission) ! Frequency Cannon will be performing there! *sobs* I got this invitation from DinoTheDrummer yesterday & I sOo wanted to go lah! :(
Thanks for the invitation anyways! ;)

Rainy weather makes me wanna oOze off....
But I got something left to do, still...

See you guys in blogosphere sooOn..
I'll see you when I DO see you! Haha ;p


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