Sunday, 29 June 2008

OMG, OMG....

oh gad. it's end of the month already?
and I have like toO few blog post entries this month!
it's like I can't believe my own pair of eyes myself. Heehe.

I have been seriously way too busy handling everything. Trying to sort out & juggling between time is definitely not an easy task for me. And I might say having to deal or cope with last minute issue is sOo making me panic a bit! But come to think of it, why gO gOo-gOo gaga , panicky, sweats like buckets kinda thingy when there's a solution in whatever we do right? ;)

Everything's okay now. Thank gOodness for it!

It's middle of the night. I might as well jump on the bed and ooze off.
But damn, my reallyyyy upset stomach ache is killing me.
It makes me hard to go to sleep. Need to get that medicine again.
Darn. I hate this feeling.

and,and, And.....

I want those
Avocado juice
again lah sis!

*evil grin*

Eventhough it's green & gOoey!
it tasted great though!

I am sOo looking forward for next week!
After all we went through to get there.
Our trip together- gether ;)

Heehe :P




Anonymous said...

have fun in kuching k..i miss u and gayle so much lah!!! bring back some pictures for me to see k.. :)

Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

I love avocado juice, esp. the Indonesian variety with chocolate swirls... YUMMY! :D

Eudora said...

Alvira- Sure, no problem! ;)
Kenny- With choc swirls? Sounds yummy! Hope to try it someday! :)