Monday, 16 June 2008

Thien Thien Restaurant

Few weeks back I decided to treat my siblings dinner. Since my brother and I haven't tried the food there, so sister ask us to try the meals provided. And I was more than happy to check & see for myself. :)

This air-conditioned restaurant is a halal restaurant and served no pork. Located at Gaya Street in the heart of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah town. If you are thinking of bringing someone who wants to try halal Chinese cooking, this might just be the suitable place to dine in.

So here is what exactly we ordered.
(Sorry for the quality of the pictures! )

Just enough to feed our stomach & satisfy our hunger.
I am overall satisfied with the dishes, still tasted great eventhough with less salt in it. There are various types to choose from the menu and plus I can say that it is quite reasonable.

Why not drop by to this restaurant when you're in town?

And if you're asking....
Yes, we do LoVe seafood! Heehe :)



Kenny Mah // Life for Beginners said...

Less salt is good for health so I guess we learn to make do, no? :)

Pammie said...

thien thien restaurant.. ive eaten there a few times. me likey! hehe..

Tristan said...

OMG - That food is making me SO hungry. I miss Malaysian food so much right now. Korea just doesn't have a menu that compares. *lol*

shelley l said...

delicious looking. yumm..

Eudora said...

Kenny - Yes, agreed! Hee ;)
Pammie - Me likey too! Hee :D
Tristan - I'm sure you do miss the food here. Too bad. Come back soon buddy! ;)
Shelley - Yummylicious Indeed! :)