Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Time for an Update

I haven't been updating this blog for like 2 days now & I feel like it's been forever!
Heehe. Geez. Too attached with this would do me no good! Haha :P

Truth is, I am just too lazy or too busy, not much inspired as before.
Maybe I've lost my touch & inspiration. Where have all it gone? *dreads*
But fret not, as long as there something to blogged about,
you can count on me being here.

Hee xD

A lot of things happened these past  few days. I could say the words are just countless. 
I wish the time could stopped ticking & wait for me patiently to write each & every stories to tell. That seems too impossible. Ermm....Don't you think?

Owh well, oh well...

Where shall I begin?
Let me begin on Gawai Day (Sarawak's Harvest Festival) which falls on a Sunday, we, my siblings & the cousins went to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Zoo again & on the very same day, a long lost relatives came to visit. The ones I have never met in my entire life. Maybe because the fact that they were staying abroad all this while. 

It is fun sometimes playing the host & the hostess. Our family enjoyed cooking and though it might be tiring, the presence of your loved ones could make it fade away. We called it cooking with the portion love. Makes the food taste even much better! At least, that's what I thought! Hee :D Of the voices and the sound of laughter, over dinner, a cup or two of coffee or tea it had made the joyous moment ever. The best of company one could have.

The house, I called my dear home &  the garden are pretty much alive today!
Even the strong winds & pouring rain wouldn't dare stopping us sharing & chatting away!
You know why?
When I say this, It is never a lie.
All because it is surrounded by the shades of colours & filled with lots of love....
Of yours, mine, my dearest loved ones!

I believe every guests you receive at your door step each day is truly a blessing to your home.
Your family. A home sweet home.

Love,  Eudora      

P/s : Will update with pictures as soon as I finished editing. Cheers! ;)

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