Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hi all!
It's been weeks since I've last updated my blog.
Internet-less at home, no blog-hopping, no nothing.
Still smiling though.


These are the reasons for not blogging.....
I have a good one okay!

1. Just when I thought I'd be updating more on my recent trip, my computer went insane again! Yes again, and again! Huhu :(

2. I've been busy with work. Or should I say life?

3. I've started videoke-ing (it means karaoke in Malaysia) again! Wheee ! And lil bit of dancing to get that happy-go-lucky mood along! Yeah, haven't get enough of that Rainforest World Music Festival thingy yet! Haha ;p

4. I just received my CPU back & I am currently still trying to finish tons of editing pictures. All I need is a bit more time.

And on a different general note,
There are times when we feel that we don't belong in that certain community anymore.
They only come to you when you are somebody.
But left you when you are nobody.
Even the one who were close enough could be ripped apart.
I am not surprised.
I am not amazed.

Just because....

till the next update!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for ages ur second post on ur horbill trip...eee ur cpu making u crazy ohh kan..jaat ur cpu :) anyway, when ur free? lama odi wanna bring u jalan2...