Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Sitting here typing at this hour is quite rare for me.

There are like tons & heaps of house chores need to be done.  Cloths waiting in line to get into the washing machine. Dust & rubbish  to be taken away. What's that pile of books, magazines, artistic tools & stuffs lying on the floor? There are just messing up my head right now. But am just glad I can finally sit down & resume blogging today.  For the past few days, helping out with my brother's art project is driving me insane! It is so nerve wrecking not getting enough amount of sleep! And it's been too long since I last had my sleeping-at-4 a.m kind of pattern.  It's even worst when you're a working person like me. Thank goodness it's over!

And yes, I'm officially off from work starting today. As in for tomorrow's journey that is! WeehoO! :)

But I haven't decided what to pack yet!
Oh, nOo!

And on a un-related note
for those who love music as I do....
Upcoming gigs !



Ok, ok I need to get somethings done.
Will blog again later.


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