Sunday, 31 August 2008

My Own Merdeka Time

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! :)

And today also the day where my aunty Velarie got engaged!
Congrats to you & fiance! Sorry can't make it. :)

I got myself up reallyyyyy early this morning. Woke up at 5.30 a.m & I forced, dragged myself out of bed. I had an early day. I haven't been an early riser since I-had-no-clue-damnit-when! Haha ;p So I was pretty surprised & amazed. Early mornings used to be my cup of tea last year. But never ever since. Despite the late nights & early mornings, I don't know how I got through those days. I'm just glad I won't have to anymore. ;)

Speaking of late night, I got pretty late last night & some more too early morning. Seriously, I haven't got in a conversation witb someone, a complete stranger I only met through the Internet, about that pictured beautiful place for a while already. I thought I would forget about it but failed to do so. You can say I kind of miss talking about it.

Some people loves being in crowds to see the fireworks in the air counting down the time of Merdeka while people like me prefer to stay at home. I had my own version of Merdeka myself. Just chill around my cosy spot at my crib while breezy cool air makes me want to read some magazine and fall asleep. These days, I rather be an indoor person than going out even on weekends. Too much temptations out there! I was talking about financial. Tempted to shop & dine even more. Call me an anti-social. I've got my own bills to settle. Even going out to the beach is so like a waste because of the rainy season. Ya really.

Overall, it was a nice day for me!
All I need right now is be on my own, myself. For the next couple of months. Until things get back as usual.

But not going to stop blogging though.
Hee :D

lovelove <3

Friday, 29 August 2008

I was wondering what to blog about and almost had no clue at all. So here I am going to type anything that goes out from my mind. While listening to A Relic Is What I Live In and couple of songs by our Malaysian local singer/songwriter, Reza Salleh, trying to enjoy the night away. It's a cold one again. And I still can't believe my favourite singer/songwriter is taken. *sigh* Heehe ;p

Anddddddd.....I got this from my e-mail today!
*a lil of excitement here*
Copy-pasted from the email I've received.

Don't miss Bobby Chinn on CNN Talk Asia

Show times:

Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Taipei

Saturday: 07.30, 23.00; Sunday: 08.30, 21.00

Bangkok and Jakarta

Saturday: 06.30, 22.00 Sunday: 07.30, 20.00

London (GMT)

Friday: 23.30; Saturday: 16.00, 0130; Sunday: 14.00

For more information, please click on the link below

We hope you enjoy the show!


Yes, if you may ask, I've signed up for the . Cause I am fan of Bobby Chinn the high octane chef as quoted by

Probably not your kind of thing but surely is for me! I bet if you are a fan, you will know. :)

Okay now, I better stop blabbing.
Need to continue with my Indonesian movie!

Daa..gue peremisi dulu ya! ;p

(Trying to practice my Indon language)

lovelove <3

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Strike a Pose With LouisPang!

I was at Mr. & Mrs. Simon Marsh wedding garden party recently on the 16th of August to be exact and for the 2nd time around, I met the award winning international wedding photographer again! He was so busy but still I had the guts to asked him to take pictures with us at the end. He said he remembered me from the Epson session that day but forgotten my name. As he was rushing for the pictures slide show to be presented for the night, we only had a quick chat & snap,snap for pictures awhile after the luncheon.

At that time, he was carrying his 2 gorgeous Nikon babies left & right. He was about to put it down before taking a picture but I insisted that spanking 3 days old Nikon D700 camera of his will have to be in the picture too! I am so wanting that camera lah! If only...I wish I could! *sigh*

Louis asked us to strike some pose.......
With the tired looking face of us.
We were sweaty & all,
what do you expect.
It was on a sunny afternoon.

Thanks to one of his crew members for helping us took this pictures!
And guess what?
That guy was confused trying to use our point & shoot compact camera!
Too much of a DSLR are you?
Heehe ;p

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Pouring rain outside, so cold, it has been like this for few days now. I could feel my thin flesh of skin crying, aching. I am not too used of the air. This kind of weather is turning me into a lazy bone. I tend to get real sleepy. Which is so not good. Really. Heehe.

On another note:
Currently, I don't know about you guys but after doing some updating on the fashion scene, and daddy got this while vacationing with mum....

Yes, Miss Eudora with the fedora
Rhyme issit?
Haha ;p

lovelove <3

Monday, 25 August 2008

The Remains of It

In Memory of Servay Hypermarket in Penampang Baru

What's Left Now?
Is nothing but a building destroyed.
Gone by the strong fire.
Left several workers jobless.
Estimated about 30million loss.
People from this area will have to go further
to go for grocery shopping from now on.
I can count on Giant for a cheaper price
& quality products compared to a
supermarket nearby.
So expensive & low quality.
Like duh! Really!
Haha ;p

Will they build a new one again
at this very same spot, the exact location?
We will just have to wait & see.


Sunday, 24 August 2008

What a day!
A fulfilling Sunday!
Oh, I love it when it gets rainy!
The weather of not so sunny,
makes it even lovely!
I'm lazy!

Hee ;p

All I can think now is going to bed!
Teehehe ;)


Saturday, 23 August 2008

I have been missing in action in this blogosphere world. Been running here and there but then I haven't got the ideal weight I wanted just yet. So many things to worry about. Sometimes you can't seem to sleep well at night. Having to deal with inconsiderate people is ain't that easy. Don't even try talking to them cause all they do is simply pretend nothing has happened and some ignore the fact that it even exist. Tell me about it. I'm not going to brag about it all over again. There is no used complaining.

I just want to say,

"Thank God for all the hardship, at least it makes me stronger going through each day & learned how to face different types of people in life. And I'm not stupid to kill myself just yet!" Haha ;p

Enough said.


Speaking of my M.I.A here, I have been spending my time reading fashion blogs these days. Those emails I have been getting endlessly this week got me a little tempted and addicted! Not a good thing since I have never been a too much of a shopaholic last time.

While browsing & blog-hopping, I found some cool ones from outside of Malaysia.
And may I say it here that some of it has got me inspired and fascinated.
Surprisingly how it can be, I have turned into a fashion lover.

I have found a new love my dear. A new hobby to start.
Heehe ;)


And on a more brighter note,
Someone I've known for years, not even related but he is like my own brother got married with eventually my long lost relative I don't even know exist! Haha ;p

Attended his wedding just now, I am glad that he finally found his true love!
I am so happy for both lovebirds!

Congrats Mildy & Sabrina! :)


Have a great weekend!
lovelove ;)

Friday, 22 August 2008


They say you were one of a kind baby!
So sweet and all, but you never really caught me,
My attention to be exact.
Good looks & appearance is very important.
But your inner being is so much more!
You were brown, honestly I've always love white.
Yeah, back then I have.
No doubt about that.

I was never a lover.
Not to mention even lucky in one.
Don't even say I'm a fan of yours.

Still somehow I grew,
My taste, my heart changed.
I could not really explained.

Out of little curiousity,
we got to know more about each other.
I knew you.

You were too cute at first sight.
Can I say,

I smell the you.
As I licked you in me,
My lips savouring each moment,
I could feel too much flavours!

You got me melted!

I think I'm falling in love again!

To what is so crunchy and tasted so lovely!

Could I have a big bite of you again?
Cause you tasted so sweet !

The Food of My Soul :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Oh, my lucky 378!

(This post will be another short & sweet one. ;))

Malam Bintang Gemilang IV
Majlis Makan Malam Perdana Muafakat MRSM KK

Date: 15th August 2008
Time: 7 p.m
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Magellan Sutera Harbour

Guest Artist: Felix AF3, Abu Bakar Ellah, Canang Group


This is where my mum and I & her colleagues were seated.

Our second front row table no. 32
Tickets for night!

My ticket no. 378 won a lucky draw!
No wonder I feel sOo lucky that night!
Hee ;p

At home with the big hamper!
Wheeeee :)))

And here's Felix of AF3.
I can't believe he look like this that night!
Actually he looks way better from the last time I saw
and had picture with him.
What was he thinking?
No offence but it's only my honest opinion.
Don't take it seriously aights?

But he was still the star of the night though!

It was a tiring last minute decision to go for the event but still a good night nonetheless!
I never thought I would won something that night.
Oh, my lucky 378!

that's it for the night!


Monday, 18 August 2008

I have like gazillion pictures and too many to blog about!
Just wish I had more time!
Will see if I could spare a time or two for that!
I want to be like the school holiday kids too!


Saturday, 16 August 2008

It's all about me!

1. Who I am

Shy and quiet most of the time. Underestimated. Misunderstood.
A bit reserved but can get really friendly and loud especially those who are close to me. So beware of me when I get a lil too much alcohol! ;p
I ain't a smoker. Not a big drinker either.
Currently can't get enough of online shopping,
misses those rock concerts and
wants to save more moolahs so that she could go travelling again! :)

2. Who knows me best

MYSELF of course.
My sisters.
My loved ones.
Family and friends.
*No pictures available here*

3. How old am I or how old do I feel

Shhh...forever young, I want to be forever young! :)

4. The most important thing in my life is......

My home, my loved ones, family, pets and friends

5. To relax, I like to....


Magazine + Alcohol

6. Something I always do....




Doing that artsy stuff I love! ;)
SLR, taking pictures the old way!

and many more!

7. I am at the happiest when....

I am with my loved ones! :)
Travelling and witnessing God's wonderful, great creation!

8. On a Monday morning you can find me
NOT! You probably see me trying to drag myself out of bed and I'll be at work at 8!

9. My eyes are

Big & Black

10.The town I live in

The Land Below the Wind

Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia
Photo credit :

11. I think....

MICHAEL BUBLE's voice is oh-so-sexay!

12. One thing I must have with me when I go out

Ang cellphone ko! Siempre naman ! ;)
(My cellphone, Of Course! ;) )

13. What's in the bag?

The essential's of course!
Purse, Cellphone, Digi-cam, Lotion, Make-Up, Lip gloss and more

14. My Guilty Pleasure

Starbucks Coffee & Tiramisu
More food and more shopping! ;p

15. My Life is......

A Beach!
Why? For the unpredictable scenery. Strolling by the beautiful blue sky, calm sea water and the air just took my breath away! Everything got friendly. Nothing seems to be at the wrong position. But things could changed. Like the weather can turned out something we would not even imagined. Just as you thought you would be the survivor, it had made the other way around.

Life's a b***ch! But still loving it!


(I think this post better be untitled since it tend to get me write about random stuffs. As usual lah.)

Just came from Magellan Sutera Harbour hours ago.

What a day! It's my day! It's exactly 1.36 a.m as I wrote this. I just want to say I've just got a hamper from the lucky draw number 738 ! 15 of August 2008. Although it's officially 16 already. :)

I haven't got the nerve to get this blog updated. Despite me being the busy honey bee, I can tell you that I haven't got that much sleep either. Late night after late night. Call me a racoon, a panda or a batgirl who only sleep in the morning. I think I just save my eye-liner if you know what I mean. And the thing is, I don't feel like blogging cause I have lost 'the' inspiration I had before, seriously & like I've said, sometimes I'm just afraid that things mention here it gets way too personal. Yeah, over-rated and it's no good.

I don't know why but I'm sitting here blogging at late hours where it used to be 'the perfect hour for me'. Listening to the playlist of songs that is-not-mine but never changing taste of music is there. Still. Reminiscene, oh reminiscene!

Life has been good nevertheless I must say.
Sometime's I feel I don't need it but the truth is I do. Like I always did.

Okay, time to get my beauty sleep now and hopefully I could be as beautiful as the rising sun tomorrow when the morning shines!

Oh, wait a sec!
It's morning already lah....Silly me!


Monday, 11 August 2008

The Land of Hornbill's Trip (2.1)

11 July 2008 Friday Kuching, Sarawak 2nd Day

Started off the day with Uncle C* dropped us at Hilton Hotel. My sister and I waited for her friend G* from Miri to come along with us to catch the shuttle bus to the RWMF.

Since it was still early, we decided to have some breakfast first. So we ended up having Mi Kolok Sarawak at a coffee shop across the road where this colourful building is located. But too bad I've accidently deleted the picture of it. *Sigh*

After breakfast, we went roaming around the city.
Morning walk at Waterfront area was lovely!

The Waterfront in Kuching is so clean indeed!

Boat ridw anyone?

Sarawak Plaza & the Cats Statue in front of Holiday Inn

Khatulistiwa Cafe

Some cafe at Waterfront

Initially, we were supposed to board on the shuttle bus earlier.
Being unpredictable, we skipped the workshop instead.
After purchasing the bus tickets at Holiday Inn,
We took the taxi to The Spring while waiting for the next shuttle bus.


The newest shopping mall in Kuching.
The Spring

The Mosque beside The Spring.

There was a Bridal Fair going on....

Honestly, I prefer shopping in my own city of Kota Kinabalu compared to Kuching. We have alot of shopping malls here and plus we have more variety of goods.


Starbucks Coffee, The Spring

If I'm not mistaken, it was only about 6 months since Starbucks outlet has been opened in Kuching when I was there. Being a great fan of coffee and not to mentioned Starbucks itself, I ordered this....

Vanilla Affogato , my favourite! :)
Surprisingly, the lady barrista told me that I was the 1st customer who ordered that! Wow..heehe ;)
And while picking up my drink at the end side of the counter the guy barrista said to me,
" You must have been drinking this for a few years right?"
So I answered,
"Yeah, it's been awhile."
I walked away & smiled.


Sushi King, The Spring

We were not that hungry but we wanted something light for our energy. So we ended here...

Believe it or not, it was my first time here and I never even set my foot in it while I was in KK.
Kesian right?

Can you see someone's trying to capture a nice shot?
Yeah, photography is essential before a meal.
Hee xD

As much I know, most of the people I know adores sushis. Malaysian loves Japanese food & it is certainly one of the famous choice of delicacy here. Might a bit too pricey for some but what important, it is healthy & tasty too. For me, it's worth to indulge something like this once in a while. Don't you agree? ;)

Stay tuned for more updates on this! :)

p/s : Sorry it's a bit late posting this up!