Friday, 29 August 2008

I was wondering what to blog about and almost had no clue at all. So here I am going to type anything that goes out from my mind. While listening to A Relic Is What I Live In and couple of songs by our Malaysian local singer/songwriter, Reza Salleh, trying to enjoy the night away. It's a cold one again. And I still can't believe my favourite singer/songwriter is taken. *sigh* Heehe ;p

Anddddddd.....I got this from my e-mail today!
*a lil of excitement here*
Copy-pasted from the email I've received.

Don't miss Bobby Chinn on CNN Talk Asia

Show times:

Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore and Taipei

Saturday: 07.30, 23.00; Sunday: 08.30, 21.00

Bangkok and Jakarta

Saturday: 06.30, 22.00 Sunday: 07.30, 20.00

London (GMT)

Friday: 23.30; Saturday: 16.00, 0130; Sunday: 14.00

For more information, please click on the link below

We hope you enjoy the show!


Yes, if you may ask, I've signed up for the . Cause I am fan of Bobby Chinn the high octane chef as quoted by

Probably not your kind of thing but surely is for me! I bet if you are a fan, you will know. :)

Okay now, I better stop blabbing.
Need to continue with my Indonesian movie!

Daa..gue peremisi dulu ya! ;p

(Trying to practice my Indon language)

lovelove <3

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