Saturday, 16 August 2008

It's all about me!

1. Who I am

Shy and quiet most of the time. Underestimated. Misunderstood.
A bit reserved but can get really friendly and loud especially those who are close to me. So beware of me when I get a lil too much alcohol! ;p
I ain't a smoker. Not a big drinker either.
Currently can't get enough of online shopping,
misses those rock concerts and
wants to save more moolahs so that she could go travelling again! :)

2. Who knows me best

MYSELF of course.
My sisters.
My loved ones.
Family and friends.
*No pictures available here*

3. How old am I or how old do I feel

Shhh...forever young, I want to be forever young! :)

4. The most important thing in my life is......

My home, my loved ones, family, pets and friends

5. To relax, I like to....


Magazine + Alcohol

6. Something I always do....




Doing that artsy stuff I love! ;)
SLR, taking pictures the old way!

and many more!

7. I am at the happiest when....

I am with my loved ones! :)
Travelling and witnessing God's wonderful, great creation!

8. On a Monday morning you can find me
NOT! You probably see me trying to drag myself out of bed and I'll be at work at 8!

9. My eyes are

Big & Black

10.The town I live in

The Land Below the Wind

Kota Kinabalu City, Sabah, Malaysia
Photo credit :

11. I think....

MICHAEL BUBLE's voice is oh-so-sexay!

12. One thing I must have with me when I go out

Ang cellphone ko! Siempre naman ! ;)
(My cellphone, Of Course! ;) )

13. What's in the bag?

The essential's of course!
Purse, Cellphone, Digi-cam, Lotion, Make-Up, Lip gloss and more

14. My Guilty Pleasure

Starbucks Coffee & Tiramisu
More food and more shopping! ;p

15. My Life is......

A Beach!
Why? For the unpredictable scenery. Strolling by the beautiful blue sky, calm sea water and the air just took my breath away! Everything got friendly. Nothing seems to be at the wrong position. But things could changed. Like the weather can turned out something we would not even imagined. Just as you thought you would be the survivor, it had made the other way around.

Life's a b***ch! But still loving it!



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