Friday, 8 August 2008

Of Today's Triple 8

Too much words with no pictures will make you bored right?
So I try not to make this too lengthy.
Just a bit of randomness here & there.

Here's what's going on today.....

Looking at those calendar wow triple 8 today.
My favourite number! :)
It seems pretty hot here today. I think I sweat like buckets. I don't know about your place though. I bet it's cold, dark & gloomy weather at the other parts of the world.

T'was a rather loOonngggg day for me. Everything seems to be super duper urgent at work but still I couldn't get those lazy ass of mine get things done cause all I think about is the weekend. But I was also kinda excited for the items I just bought from gorgeous Cynthia's closet. I still can't believe I actually shopped cloths online! 2 items again somemore. Couldn't resist it cause those items she brought back to Malaysia are from Melbourne & it's beautiful. She got great taste I couldn't deny. Heehe ;p

Which reminds me of the 1st item I bought online is browsing through E-bay for my 1st ever MP3 player. Which I soon got bored of it a year later, broke down later but still can be used as a Pendrive till this day. Well at is still useful. Haha ;D

A colleague of mine just reminded me that the Olympics in Beijing, China began today.
08.08.08 nice!
As if I care! I was not interested in it at all.
Unless the European football that is. Hee ;p
No offence but sorry!

And before I forgot,
it's darling Tess birthday today!
One of the closest friend I still have from
high school, college till this day.
Plus, she still know how much I love her!
A good friend is indeed hard to find these days.


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