Monday, 25 August 2008

The Remains of It

In Memory of Servay Hypermarket in Penampang Baru

What's Left Now?
Is nothing but a building destroyed.
Gone by the strong fire.
Left several workers jobless.
Estimated about 30million loss.
People from this area will have to go further
to go for grocery shopping from now on.
I can count on Giant for a cheaper price
& quality products compared to a
supermarket nearby.
So expensive & low quality.
Like duh! Really!
Haha ;p

Will they build a new one again
at this very same spot, the exact location?
We will just have to wait & see.



impedius said...

Gonna miss the burned down Servay. The news was quite a surprise indeed. Something tells me Giant might be taking over the location. But Servay might be back up and running again after all. Wait & see alrite... :-)

Eudora said...

Imp- Yeah, going to miss that building too. Guess let's just wait what happened next lah kan? ;)