Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Strike a Pose With LouisPang!

I was at Mr. & Mrs. Simon Marsh wedding garden party recently on the 16th of August to be exact and for the 2nd time around, I met the award winning international wedding photographer again! He was so busy but still I had the guts to asked him to take pictures with us at the end. He said he remembered me from the Epson session that day but forgotten my name. As he was rushing for the pictures slide show to be presented for the night, we only had a quick chat & snap,snap for pictures awhile after the luncheon.

At that time, he was carrying his 2 gorgeous Nikon babies left & right. He was about to put it down before taking a picture but I insisted that spanking 3 days old Nikon D700 camera of his will have to be in the picture too! I am so wanting that camera lah! If only...I wish I could! *sigh*

Louis asked us to strike some pose.......
With the tired looking face of us.
We were sweaty & all,
what do you expect.
It was on a sunny afternoon.

Thanks to one of his crew members for helping us took this pictures!
And guess what?
That guy was confused trying to use our point & shoot compact camera!
Too much of a DSLR are you?
Heehe ;p

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha...funny ohh the second picture..its like i want to kiss louis phang but am too afraid to do it hahahahahahaha...