Friday, 22 August 2008


They say you were one of a kind baby!
So sweet and all, but you never really caught me,
My attention to be exact.
Good looks & appearance is very important.
But your inner being is so much more!
You were brown, honestly I've always love white.
Yeah, back then I have.
No doubt about that.

I was never a lover.
Not to mention even lucky in one.
Don't even say I'm a fan of yours.

Still somehow I grew,
My taste, my heart changed.
I could not really explained.

Out of little curiousity,
we got to know more about each other.
I knew you.

You were too cute at first sight.
Can I say,

I smell the you.
As I licked you in me,
My lips savouring each moment,
I could feel too much flavours!

You got me melted!

I think I'm falling in love again!

To what is so crunchy and tasted so lovely!

Could I have a big bite of you again?
Cause you tasted so sweet !

The Food of My Soul :)

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