Thursday, 25 September 2008

25th September 2008

Sweats flowing down my body. It is a warm night. Too warm for my liking. I am sitting down here again with opening most of the tabs layan-ing YouTube website. Waiting for my Indonesian long time favourite to finish download. I just love how the music and the poetry goes along the movie. An awesome blend put into! Perfecto combination, just the way I like it! Aha, aha! ;p

Turning my fan on, in a full swing mode.
No, I have no air-conditioning in my room just yet.
I felt like dying of the hotness. A brown sleeveless won't help much either.

As I switched to a more sentimental Spanish influenced, Filipino songs,
my voice singing to that familiar song with my not-so-fluent Tagalog language.
Part of my body want to sway to the moment. But not today, the tiredness won't allow me to.
It permits. Drained.

With Ulce Heal, the pain relieving gel for my mouth ulcer, I can now go to bed without having my lips too dry. Hope to see a better result tomorrow.

Heading to the land of dreams ngayon.

lovelove <3

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