Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Day trip Nexus Karambunai

Having about six kilometres of white sandy beach,
Nexus Resort Karambunai

is an ideal getaway
for those who wanted some time off from work and
enjoy the whole beautiful scenery.

On one Sunday weekend, my sisters & I came here again just for fun! :)

And personally, I would say that this place is one of my favourite out-of-the-town resort location. The right spot, Perfect ! Unlike any other nearer to the town. I think a band who frequently went here to stay every time they performed in Kota Kinabalu would agree with me on this. Right guys? Heehe ;p (The band will not be named for privacy purpose)

Overlooking the white sandy beach & blue sky,
I could feel like the air whispers through my ears.
Not a strong one, but just enough to make me captivated.

Relaxing, my feet on a comfortable pair of flip flops.
The chiffon on my skirts flowing making move from the lil windy effects.


Some how the shiny sunshine would not stopped me from grinning.
To the world I'm smiling. I could not help it, just could not resist.

It's a wonderful feeling no?


Luscious greens surroundings of love.
The tall tress, leaves are
moving and shaking as if it were dancing.
Can you hear the music playing?
I swear I could hear those beat & rhythm sounds from the waves of sea.
Sometimes I just like to think way beyond my imagination.
No harm right?
Under the shady trees, squatting and making myself comfortable. My mind is at peace while the air blew my pony-tailed hair. I might as well do some yoga session there. And I feel like lying down on the grass. Still.


Moving each step further, from soldiers to kings. It does not even matter whether it is black or even white. These days everyone want to be somebody. For higher power & position, people will do whatever it takes. Playing a game of life. This kind of symbolizes what we live today.

Want to play chess anyone?


While walking slowly past the club house, I spotted this.
Just outside, a pink little bicycle. The four-wheeled toy somehow reminds me how a little girl learns her first bicycle ride. On how hard it is for her to finally released the extra 2 tires. Paddling with confidence, she made it. I wish I had a pink one at my age. I've got a red bicycle by the way! :)

Aint this cute? Hee ;)


And you know what?

I think I've got a soft spot, hidden talent to become a paparazzi.
Something I would say....well for those who really know me,
this is definitely not something new about me.

Capturing people's pictures without them knowing!
What do you think?

Excuse me but.....

This guy is seriously hot!
Hahahaha ;p


In case you were wondering, no this particular resort did not pay me to blog about them.
Just to share a couple of things I love doing while I'm there. It's a personal thoughts.
Wished they would really though. Teehee XD

lovelove <3

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