Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Garden on A Monday

The garden at my home.

Green, green grass on top of my hill. No longer long & not well maintained. My eyes sees the breath taking view, not perfect but better than the polluted side of the world. Sometimes it seems that the grass is greener but the fact is it's the usual green. I guess I'm always in love with the greens. And I am a nature lover too! ;)

The murderer, scorching sun kills me.
I could feel my fair skin being burnt.
Sweats wet me up.
It was indeed hot but still not complaining though! ;p

I have been spending half of my Monday helping mum with her garden. Throwing away those unwanted grass & dried leafs inside the pot. Getting rid the ones that could destroy the plants and not to mention making it lack of nutrients.

It is somehow a rare thing for me to do this.
Gardening, getting sweaty & all.
A good exercise on the evenings, weekends
I wish I could do it often.

No, I don't have green hands as the Incredible Hulk does. I am not into gardening either.
But I can always say that I do enjoy doing it.

Yesterday, I'm gardening with love.
Something I haven't done in awhile.



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