Thursday, 30 October 2008

On a Weekday Evening....

Rain or shine. Dark or bright.
It does not even matter.
The umbrella is always here.
You can say that it is my daily routine of exercise.
You can find me on the green lawn dog-walking my dog, Bambi.
Well a dog needs some exercise to put away tension too! ;p
And even stopped for awhile, sitting on the bench while enjoying eating plucking from the rambutan tree during its season.

Monday, 27 October 2008

26.10.08 : Maple Cafe

It was raining again. One of my sibling is celebrating their birthday & so we decided to go to Maple Cafe in Damai for lunch.

Maple Cafe

The English style decor restaurant

A wonderful ambience I must say! :)


The Food

Yours truly Mango Fish Rice

Brother's Lemon Chicken Rice

Mum's Sambal Fish Rice

Sister's Asam Pedas Fish Rice

Kuya Rog's Chicken Chop Rice

What I think:
Food was very delicious & very well presented.
Cost at reasonable prices.
Meal portion is so worth it with the price.


The Birthday Boy & Moi


and doggie is officially turned 5 on the same day too! Hee ;D

Happy Birthday With <3 !

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Yesterday and today

...... somehow makes 2 fruitful days for me.
But I need some time to post about it though!
Hope everyone had a great weekend
and, and, and
before I forgot,
Happy Deepavali to all Indians
scattered around the globe!
.....and oops,
Happy Holidays too!


Thursday, 23 October 2008

I took a day off today to settle something important. The procedure was so slow. Damn I hate it when there is no urgency to those people when it is really urgent! So much of me for being a careless person. Heehe ;p

It eventually did not quite settle today.
I wish it'd be done this moment but...
Another week or so.
For just a piece of paper.


Went to the airport again.
It will be a frequent one I guess.
Terminal 2 , soon....
After another.

Met the unfamiliar there.
A mixed blooded pretty face, that I have never in my entire life once knew existed.
She looks exactly like the person I called uncle. Yes, obviously she's my cousin! :)
And apparently, she has been living in America since she was a little kid, moved & grew up in London. We did not talk to each other because she was so shy. And meeting was just a short while. My uncle said that it's bit hard to understand her for the strong British accent of hers. She does not speak Malay at all!

But I was glad I got to meet her.


That's it !
I'm out of here!

Catch u guys again soon.

lovelove <3

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Treat 04/10/08

"Where are you going to treat us for dinner?"
Have you booked the tickets yet?"

Yeah right.
Wait till I become rich to pay
& sponsor some air tickets!

back to the story.......

About a few weeks back, I treated my family dinner.
Since I've always wanted to try the food there,
I've decided to bring them to
Taiwan Restaurant in Kinarut.


The Place

An open air restaurant just beside the beach.
Has a very homey environment.
Don't bother asking me what's on the sign board.
Obviously, I don't read Mandarin.
We were greeted by a bunch of lovely friendly
white doggies of the restaurant owner.
Cute aint it?
I just adore dogs!


Meals for the Night!

Buttered Mushroom

A bit too heavy with just having a lil portion of this.
But it was nice enough for me.


Fried Roti Canai
I love how it tasted like!
So soft even people with no teeth can eat it! ;p
Lotsa eggs & cabbages in it!


Pork Leg with some vegetables
My favourite dish among all! This I heard one of their speciality. Soft & tender, I think it took them awhile to cook it. The flavour was just perfect! The taste, simply love it! A bit pricey but worth it cause it wont kill my taste bud. Hee ;)


Our lapsap bin.
This white furry friend just wanted some pork leg piece from my brother.
Waiting patiently to be fed! Heehe ;p
It was a wet, rainy and not to mention muddy too but it did not stopped us from enjoying every meal served. For me, having quality time with the family is what matters most. Togetherness. :)

I could hear, see the lightning from the sky.
The sound of the ocean breeze, I could smell.
Should have come earlier for the up front beach view next time around!

*lapsap = trash/waste

Monday, 20 October 2008

Snazzy & Such Giveaway!

Hey everybody!

In conjunction with it's 1st birthday, Snazzy & Such has 3 giveaways!
Yay! :)

I got pretty excited to join this when I saw this simple red tote!
Isn't it lovely?
I really want this!
Can I?

I just simply love everything in red colour!
Hee ;p
And not only that,
an Australian Home Spun magazine, beads, buttons,
one roll of ribbons and a fat quarter in it!

How cool is that?

There will also be some cool 2nd & 3rd prize to be won!
So what are you waiting for?
Go check it out before it's too late!
Especially for handmade stuff lovers out there,
you wouldn't wanna miss this!

Click to join


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Charity Sunday 28/09/08

Another back-to-back entry I wanted to share.
With not so much explanation, just some random shots taken.
Here goes without words. :)

Kg Sungoi, Kota Marudu

Pinatau, Kota Marudu

This will probably be my last for this year or I dunno when
but they say,
"Save the best for last"

lovelove <3

Friday, 10 October 2008

I know I don't usually listen to a
Malay radio station
It's the Malaysian band,
(Hari Estranged) today!

At least that's what radio station
named & called it!

psst....just because I want to win the contest,
I have to listen !

going to update again later



I've just finished staying tune to! Now I can join the contest!
The guys came in the studio for an interview at 9 pm.
Got to hear how the whole album sound like!
I absolutely love the accoustic version of 'Aurora' just now.

And since it's their day,
I've decided to upload some Youtube videos
of the guys themselves here!

Chocolate Syrup


Itu Kamu

Yang Pernah


to the band & their fans

thanks for making a day for my fave band Xfm ;p

one love

Always! :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eid Mubarak Celebration '08

Last year, I missed hari raya. So this year, I felt that I can't afford
to resist those irresistable food! And it's been awhile I went back to my Mum's village.
As usual 1st day of Eid Mubarak = Time to balik kampung ! :)
Or should I say it's time of the year to visit my Muslim's relative.

At Aunty Mimi's place

Here's my yummylicious meal.....

All sort Raya biscuits
Satay, Beef Rendang and Eggplant/Brinjal
Tom Yum Soup
My favourite! ;)
Kuih lupis and kuah kacang (peanut paste sauce )
Meet my adorable 7 month old
baby cousin Sherah !

She may look like a boy, but she is still so cute to me!
What I love about her is that she doesn't make a fuss at all.
I'll be willing to be her baby-sitter anytime.
Hee :)

baby cousin lil Shazja is just 10 days old!

Cute kan? ;)


After visiting Aunty Mimi's place, we headed down to
Aunty Bibi & Uncle Rosli's beautiful crib.


Baby blue sky and lushes green around,
and a big fish pond.
Just perfect no?

Everyone's favourite wooden rocking chair! :)

It's too huge for me though! Hee ;p

Taken after my rice meal

I was pretty excited when I saw my favourite kek lapis Sarawak being served!
I absolutely love it! ;)

While enjoying the view from the upper verandah,
I saw & snapped her while posing like this......

Say hi to my niece Alia in pink !
She was playing with my other nephew & nieces :)

A modern kampung house I look forward coming to every Raya.
The sunset view from here is awesome.

I really like those pink and yellow cushions,
brighten up the day!

We were there till late evening.
I got home feeling oh-so-bloated.
Still I'm satisfied,
a nice day...can't help smiling.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

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