Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Charity Sunday 28/09/08

Another back-to-back entry I wanted to share.
With not so much explanation, just some random shots taken.
Here goes without words. :)

Kg Sungoi, Kota Marudu

Pinatau, Kota Marudu

This will probably be my last for this year or I dunno when
but they say,
"Save the best for last"

lovelove <3


Gallivanter said...

I miss Sabah....

Eudora said...

Hey Gallivanter!
You come & visit Sabah more often then. And btw, thanks for dropping by!

Cheers ;)

Anonymous said...

eee why u say its ur last time?? siok oh do charity..i wish i can do it..eeeeeee i miss you lah....

fie the elf said...

love the pics!

Eudora said...

@Alvira : as a matter it is my last. and ya I miss u too! hee :)

@Fie : Thanks ! ;)