Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Eid Mubarak Celebration '08

Last year, I missed hari raya. So this year, I felt that I can't afford
to resist those irresistable food! And it's been awhile I went back to my Mum's village.
As usual 1st day of Eid Mubarak = Time to balik kampung ! :)
Or should I say it's time of the year to visit my Muslim's relative.

At Aunty Mimi's place

Here's my yummylicious meal.....

All sort Raya biscuits
Satay, Beef Rendang and Eggplant/Brinjal
Tom Yum Soup
My favourite! ;)
Kuih lupis and kuah kacang (peanut paste sauce )
Meet my adorable 7 month old
baby cousin Sherah !

She may look like a boy, but she is still so cute to me!
What I love about her is that she doesn't make a fuss at all.
I'll be willing to be her baby-sitter anytime.
Hee :)

baby cousin lil Shazja is just 10 days old!

Cute kan? ;)


After visiting Aunty Mimi's place, we headed down to
Aunty Bibi & Uncle Rosli's beautiful crib.


Baby blue sky and lushes green around,
and a big fish pond.
Just perfect no?

Everyone's favourite wooden rocking chair! :)

It's too huge for me though! Hee ;p

Taken after my rice meal

I was pretty excited when I saw my favourite kek lapis Sarawak being served!
I absolutely love it! ;)

While enjoying the view from the upper verandah,
I saw & snapped her while posing like this......

Say hi to my niece Alia in pink !
She was playing with my other nephew & nieces :)

A modern kampung house I look forward coming to every Raya.
The sunset view from here is awesome.

I really like those pink and yellow cushions,
brighten up the day!

We were there till late evening.
I got home feeling oh-so-bloated.
Still I'm satisfied,
a nice day...can't help smiling.


evon.nove said...

oh babies!
i love babies.
they are sooo adorable!
i want those kuih raya.
especially the snowy white little ball kuih. hahahah.


Eudora said...

heehe indeed they are!
kuih makmur you mean?
come and get it here! haha ;p