Thursday, 23 October 2008

I took a day off today to settle something important. The procedure was so slow. Damn I hate it when there is no urgency to those people when it is really urgent! So much of me for being a careless person. Heehe ;p

It eventually did not quite settle today.
I wish it'd be done this moment but...
Another week or so.
For just a piece of paper.


Went to the airport again.
It will be a frequent one I guess.
Terminal 2 , soon....
After another.

Met the unfamiliar there.
A mixed blooded pretty face, that I have never in my entire life once knew existed.
She looks exactly like the person I called uncle. Yes, obviously she's my cousin! :)
And apparently, she has been living in America since she was a little kid, moved & grew up in London. We did not talk to each other because she was so shy. And meeting was just a short while. My uncle said that it's bit hard to understand her for the strong British accent of hers. She does not speak Malay at all!

But I was glad I got to meet her.


That's it !
I'm out of here!

Catch u guys again soon.

lovelove <3

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