Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My Treat 04/10/08

"Where are you going to treat us for dinner?"
Have you booked the tickets yet?"

Yeah right.
Wait till I become rich to pay
& sponsor some air tickets!

back to the story.......

About a few weeks back, I treated my family dinner.
Since I've always wanted to try the food there,
I've decided to bring them to
Taiwan Restaurant in Kinarut.


The Place

An open air restaurant just beside the beach.
Has a very homey environment.
Don't bother asking me what's on the sign board.
Obviously, I don't read Mandarin.
We were greeted by a bunch of lovely friendly
white doggies of the restaurant owner.
Cute aint it?
I just adore dogs!


Meals for the Night!

Buttered Mushroom

A bit too heavy with just having a lil portion of this.
But it was nice enough for me.


Fried Roti Canai
I love how it tasted like!
So soft even people with no teeth can eat it! ;p
Lotsa eggs & cabbages in it!


Pork Leg with some vegetables
My favourite dish among all! This I heard one of their speciality. Soft & tender, I think it took them awhile to cook it. The flavour was just perfect! The taste, simply love it! A bit pricey but worth it cause it wont kill my taste bud. Hee ;)


Our lapsap bin.
This white furry friend just wanted some pork leg piece from my brother.
Waiting patiently to be fed! Heehe ;p
It was a wet, rainy and not to mention muddy too but it did not stopped us from enjoying every meal served. For me, having quality time with the family is what matters most. Togetherness. :)

I could hear, see the lightning from the sky.
The sound of the ocean breeze, I could smell.
Should have come earlier for the up front beach view next time around!

*lapsap = trash/waste

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