Sunday, 30 November 2008

Rimmel London in my own words

Hey ladies!
Rimmel London is finally in Malaysia!

For those of you, who I think are still clueless about Rimmel London, this cosmetic brand has been around since 1834. And that is like almost 200 years already! It has recently make it's debut here in Malaysia exclusively to Watsons. Just too bad that there are only available in West Malaysia and not here at my place in East Malaysia.

Rimmel London has become the latest craze in the fashion industry & it has already a phenomenon here in Malaysia.

Woman and their essential make-up.
It is inseparable.
It's a girl thing no? ;)

Weeks ago, there was a roadshow in Mid Valley Megamall to promote their wide range of products ranging from products for the eyes, nails, lips, face and shine shimmer. Many were amazed by how great is the quality and by what wonders of it's blend of shades works! And at a price you pay to get that London look? It's worth the money! Now you can walk like a model just like Kate Moss! Yeah, she is also the ambassador of Rimmel London.

And do you guys remember the singer named Sophie-Ellis Bextor?

She is one of the Rimmel London's faces too!

Here's some commercial ads from Rimmel London

Can I have this please?
Limited Edition Bag-It-All for free

I want that London look too!

Rimmel London Malaysia Debut : Get Your London Look Campaign Beauty Contest

Who got the London looks?

The 5 Finalists are
1. Eryna
2. Norisha
3. Yen Li
4. Jody
5. Grace

They are all beautiful ladies and I believe every one is special in their own way.
But there has got to be only one winner for this contest so I chose....

My Pick :

My favourite girl with the London look will be Eryna who I have voted for to win this contest. Reason being I think she has the potential look of a model. I would describe her looks as a sophisticated, beautiful, mysterious pair of eyes & her sexy lips is simply gorgeous. Her potrait of confidence. She looked as if she is somehow a natural or has just walk out straight from the catwalk. The way she posed simply spells a feminine with attitude, individuality and self expression.

(A Post For

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Shoplette : Fedora

I doubt it I could get a cheaper price for a fedora here in Malaysia.
Getting two fedoras in a different colour and with a great bargain will do no harm right?
After all it is so in trend, you would not want to stepped out without any right?
Heehe ;p

Click to view item
Two fedoras from -, Jakarta, Indonesia
Visit Shoplette

A must item in every wardrobe! :)

TongueInChic & Shoplette

Shoplette : Tube Top

I have always love graphic prints for years now.
Beautiful bright colours to cheer up a dull outfit.
Something that spells be bold and get noticed! ;p

I just love the mix of colours of this tube top! :)
Click to view item
Graphic Tube Top from -, Manila, Philippines
Visit Shoplette

One of the items I got from sales!
A nice tube top from a good bargain.
Another item I got half the price, the one I wanted!

PHP 150 only?
What do you think?

It is sure the cheapest rate for a good quality & material.

TongueInChic & Shoplette

Shoplette : Jeans Vest

While walking at the streets of Manila, Philippines, I stumbled upon this and fell absolutely in love with it! Usually a normal vest will cost around RM30.00 here in Malaysia. And it is normally the black, white, brown ones selling.

So when I saw this jeans vest, I could not resist on buying.
I had no doubt as I've always love bare-back and the little ruffle edge makes it even better right? Plus 50% of the price I get here. It's around RM 15 our money sure makes it a steal no?

Click to view item
Jeans Vest from -, Manila, Philippines
Visit Shoplette

I'm loving it for sure! :)

TongueInChic & Shoplette

Friday, 28 November 2008

the midnight sung...

Listening to a wonderful piece of a saxophone & violin duet, made my night.
Was reminded of the past but still a present to moved on.
Sometime I wonder how a certain song without lyrics could also capture one's heart?
Something can either make you down or gave you the energy to run.
The one we go on saying,
"Goodness, gracious I can feel it!"

Could this be the next best thing here ?
Well, I certainly hope it will.

You might be thinking,
"What is she trying to say?"

She is talking about a song.
Not just a any song.

I am talking about a song, an awesome one! :)

Curious to know which song?
Go ahead and click it!

Yes, I know you want to!

Cheers! :)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Dinner With My Sisters

Few weeks ago, my sisters and I were having dinner at Tanamera in Lintas area. Of girl talks, preparation of some important event and so forth...we were enjoying this:

My yummylicious Fried Rice Chicken Chop

BabyV's Tuna Cheese Sandwich

Our Fried Dumplings

CrazieSexaCool's Chicken & Dumpling Noodle Soup

Another day of good food and great company.
It's been awhile.

You might want to check this place out when you are in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Well, it is just a suggestion! Heehe :)

P/s : Please do pray for Jimmy Sax, a local musician for a speedy recovery from an accident!


lovelove <3

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Brown Envelope

As usual that cute Mr. PosLaju postman gave me that look & even joke about the parcel.
Yeah, the mail is always for me at work! I know that! So what?
Haha ;p

Anyways, I was delighted to receive something today!
Just a little something I got from that brown envelope.
A sleeveless sun-shiny flowery top as a free gift !
Yes, just by a little effort in helping to promote.

I'm thinking....
Maybe I should become a part-time journalist/columnist / promoter instead?

Oh well, here's some bright colours to cheer me up!

Thanks again IreneLim Fashion ! :)

lovelove <3

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Slowly I got myself up this morning, still dreaming in my sleep. It was raining since the day before. I took time hoping not to get my Saturday to work rushed like the usual days. Wth, it's a Saturday. No one even cares if I'm late. Really. Not even 'the bald'. Heehe ;p

I was feeling good last night. Even if I admit that I'm not a devout, but once in a while it felt better letting it out. I had to missed D*'s birthday at a club but I had my reason. Just hope she don't mind. Sorry!

And you know what?

I miss...I mean really miss having a real talk.
Even if it is a talk via messenger. If it felt really real. It is considered one to me.
Where has it all gone?
Something's just slip away like that...

Was having a conversation with a fellow local drummer yesterday.
It was nice to hear from him again.
Haven't been chatting with anyone on MSN lately.
We always had talks online but not reality. Weird but we were chatting as if we have met.
We were talking about how his famous drummer brother got ambushed by his fans here recently.
Haha poor guy.
What to do...
Mr. AA (not AA battery okay? LOL!) is way too cute in person that I have to admit!
Heehe ;p


Current updates : Haven't really get to update my blog daily because I'm way too lazy, uninspired and I always end up doing something more important at other sites. And no events/trips to blog about. Less pictures some more.

that's it before I start crapping .
bwek ;p

lovelove <3

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Song Of the Moment : You Gotta Know

Just thought I'd share this awesome song by my two favourite talented local musician.
Especially for those who appreciates & support local industry like myself and those who wants to more about what is currently happening behind our local scene. We do actually have someone who are really something.

Hope you guys like it!

Check out their blog as well at :

Yuri Wong
Dennis Lau

To Yuri & Dennis,
"You Gotta Know" that I'm loving this song!
Amazing blend of vocals & instruments all together!
If you got me amazed & enjoying it, then I'm sure you guys can make everyone else too! Cause I'm a fan.

by the power of love...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Can I get even luckier....

....than this?

After waiting for almost a month, I finally got an answer to my question.
Was looking thru the TiC's website and saw my name!

I won myself a Reebok RBK Scarlett Johansson sneakers !

As Joyce aka Kinky Blue Fairy said,

" This must be the best email you've got today isn't it! "

Well guess what?

It was !

Yet again. My second winning for TiC.

Thanks TongueInChic team !


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Malaysia Online Boutique - IreneLim Fashion

All of us know that there are so many events coming up through this end of the year. Prom nights, dress code parties, weddings and Christmas as well.

Since I'm one of those that can't get enough of buying stuffs online, I stumbled upon this website and fell instantly in love ! Heehe ;)

Always wanted dresses, tops that are reasonably affordable but still looking good to wear? Searching for nothing fancy for a night or day out? Fret not, cause they have something pretty casual too.

And I bet when it comes to searching high & low a perfect dress sometimes it's depressing to actually end up buying nothing! Hate roaming around shops, to be stucked in a massive traffic jam and tired of no parking space?

Without much hassle, you can now do it by a click!
Let them deliver at your door step!

Irenelim Fashion

Why wait?

Click IreneLim Fashion

Happy Shopping ladies!

lovelove <3

Saturday, 15 November 2008


For the past few weeks, I've been entering lots and lots of online contest. I have always wanted to do this but haven't got the guts to enter one. Yes, you have heard it right here. It's getting pretty addictive. But a girl ought to do something that makes her get something she wants right?

Guess, when you have the confidence and you feel really lucky that day,
the effort of winning is so in the right place and moment.
I have never ever felt happier.
For this case I meant.

There is no winning if there is no failure.
Yesterday, I have received another good news from my email inbox.
I have not only won myself one or two prizes,
But three so far.
And one of it got to be one of the Grand Prize of the 4Play Remain Unknown Contest !
*screams excitedly*
More collections of the band Estranged for me! :)

Sadly, I have to wait a lil longer for all the packages to arrive though.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Three in A Parcel

Mr. PosLaju gave me a Smile when I received this! :)
The items I've bought from an online boutique has arrived!

Items : Black Cardigan, A Red Grey striped off-shoulder dress/long top with
brown belt & A white multipurpose belt/scarf/tie/ ribbon etc.

I know, I know.
I just could not resist the discount that has been offered.
Free Shipping some more!
Hee :p

Sunday, 9 November 2008

25.10.08 : Mimi & Ea Wei's Wedding Reception

Weeks ago, I've got a morning rushed as I got to go to work that morning and rushed home to change for Patriana and Ea Wei's wedding reception held in Shangrila Tg. Aru Resort here in Kota Kinabalu. Patriana whom I refer to as Mimi since I was a kid, is actually my 2nd cousin from her dad's side, my mother's 1st cousin.

I didn't know that Mimi is going to get married cause she was away in Kuala Lumpur about few years already & we seldom get to see each other too. Yes, that is not until I stumbled upon Anna-Rina's the Sabahan Wedding Photographer based in KL photo blog. Fast forward after Mimi's registry of marriage, church wedding and their reception in KL, Mimi's dad informed my mother about the wedding reception invitation. Since dad was not around, I was delighted to be there.

As expected we were just in time. We were among the last people to go in since it was a bit late, drizzling and could not get a parking. I'm just glad that they did not go for the garden wedding reception as it was a rainy season.

Here are some random shots that day.


Of Golden & Sweet Pink!


Menu For The Day

Sitted at my table, I was getting warm from the cold
enjoying my red wine and a traditional Lihing,
a rice wine soup mixed with chicken.


Hot Dishes in Dome variety on my plate


One of my favourite!
Mango Pudding with Pomelo Segments & Coconut Cream


The beautiful newly-wed couple & their family members
Mimi has always had that sweet smile. :)


While everyone is busy focusing on the bride & groom,
I have decided to turn a different and snapped this....

" Hey, Anna ! "

Anna-Rina caught in action.
She was arranging everyone to be in the position & ready I think.
Hee ;p


Mimi asking her husband to look at the camera.

Mimi & Ea Wei in their beautiful Papar's Dusun &
Tuaran's Dusun-Lotud traditional costume.


I've been a silent reader for quite some time already and
I did not want to miss the opportunity of taking picture with her too.
Anna-Rina the photographer & I
Ooh, she is so fit ! Any tips for me Anna ? ;)


Cakes & Decors


Twas a beautiful wedding reception filled with so much love, joy & happiness
shared among closed friends and family members.
May God Bless both Patriana & Ea Wei to have happy marriage
and beautiful babies to come! Heehe ;)

Congrats Once Again!

With Lots of Love

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

America & the World Celebrates!

Yay, Barack Obama won!

I'm sure the world's celebrating right now.
Not America but the world. How cool is that? I am in it to! :)
God Bless America!


Yeah, I'm in the mood for dancing!
So can't get enough of this!
You know how I can get pretty addicted with anything Spanish!
Right? Hee ;)

Daddy Yankee - Ella Me Levanto

Let's groove it, groove it baby....
Anyone up for it?

Haha ;p

gnite !
lovelove <3

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Looks & Spoke

Sometimes I always wonder how and what culture do I actually look like. People I came across to some say I look like a Chinese, a Malay and even a Filipino. And people always say that my full name sound like some what in between an Indian and a Filipino name. And while I was in the office this morning, a man came in and talk to me in Chinese even when I spoke to him in Malay. Another incident. Yet again. I'm not suprised. It happened all the time. What the? Haha ;p

But being Asian, I guess people will not exactly know the difference.
After all we do look alike, no?


It was raining again the whole day. Been 2 days now. Even Vietnam is flooded. Saw it in the news. And to help us all get rid of rainy-lazy-mode , My colleagues & I has been discussing about languages just now. How hard & easy to learn certain language. We even tried talking different types of Asian languages. Chinese, Thai, Tagalog and Kadazan to be exact. Heehe. It was fun! :)


I'm getting so lazy and it's not good.
Busy is yet another word for work.

And not to mention missing a lot of people too.
Yes, ALOT.
Should I mention who?
Maybe some other time. :D

lovelove <3

Monday, 3 November 2008

And Where is My Prize?

I supposed I should have lost my patience by now but then I did not.
Waiting and still waiting ever-so-patiently for my gOodie bag package to arrived.

I've received a reply in my email inbox this morning from already! I know it's been weeks since I got their email for confirmation, but then I decided to take time & emailed them again yesterday night. Apparently there has been a slight delay and their team are sorting it out.

Yay! Feeling excited about it already! :)

Curious to know what I'm talking about?
Will blog about it again soon! Well, when I received it that is!

Going to hit the bed now.
The wet weather since morning makes me go on a lazy mode lasted the whole day through! ;p

lovelove :)

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Look! Who's there?

I'm on a Billboard!

You know it's not true.

Oh, geez...
this is soO addictive! Heehe ;p

on another note :

I know it's rather annoying but
again & again....
Happy Birthday
to my friendly one of my fave drummer!
You're still gOod loOking & loud as ever mr. moleman!
trust me....Bwek ;p

lovelove <3