Saturday, 15 November 2008


For the past few weeks, I've been entering lots and lots of online contest. I have always wanted to do this but haven't got the guts to enter one. Yes, you have heard it right here. It's getting pretty addictive. But a girl ought to do something that makes her get something she wants right?

Guess, when you have the confidence and you feel really lucky that day,
the effort of winning is so in the right place and moment.
I have never ever felt happier.
For this case I meant.

There is no winning if there is no failure.
Yesterday, I have received another good news from my email inbox.
I have not only won myself one or two prizes,
But three so far.
And one of it got to be one of the Grand Prize of the 4Play Remain Unknown Contest !
*screams excitedly*
More collections of the band Estranged for me! :)

Sadly, I have to wait a lil longer for all the packages to arrive though.


fie the elf said...

hehe congrats! im just way too malas to join any competition ahha

Eudora said...

Thanks Fie! Heehe ;)