Saturday, 22 November 2008


Slowly I got myself up this morning, still dreaming in my sleep. It was raining since the day before. I took time hoping not to get my Saturday to work rushed like the usual days. Wth, it's a Saturday. No one even cares if I'm late. Really. Not even 'the bald'. Heehe ;p

I was feeling good last night. Even if I admit that I'm not a devout, but once in a while it felt better letting it out. I had to missed D*'s birthday at a club but I had my reason. Just hope she don't mind. Sorry!

And you know what?

I miss...I mean really miss having a real talk.
Even if it is a talk via messenger. If it felt really real. It is considered one to me.
Where has it all gone?
Something's just slip away like that...

Was having a conversation with a fellow local drummer yesterday.
It was nice to hear from him again.
Haven't been chatting with anyone on MSN lately.
We always had talks online but not reality. Weird but we were chatting as if we have met.
We were talking about how his famous drummer brother got ambushed by his fans here recently.
Haha poor guy.
What to do...
Mr. AA (not AA battery okay? LOL!) is way too cute in person that I have to admit!
Heehe ;p


Current updates : Haven't really get to update my blog daily because I'm way too lazy, uninspired and I always end up doing something more important at other sites. And no events/trips to blog about. Less pictures some more.

that's it before I start crapping .
bwek ;p

lovelove <3


Gallivanter said...

Sounds like you need a holiday. :-)

Eudora said...

Maybe yeah I do need one. ;)