Monday, 22 December 2008

It's coming, pretty soon....

I got rid of my Monday blues today when I found out that the boss won't be coming! Yay! Hahaha ;p And when that happens, our office suddenly became a whole lot of new environment. Wouldn't want to further much detail here though. Heehe.

But truth be told, I was sO friggin' bored. You know when you've got nothing much to do, most of the clients have already left for vacation and the year end holiday mood starts kicking in. For the couple of weeks ago, I was really busy and occupied with things, I felt so useless at some point. I guess that happened when you're so use to being caught up with work. Geez.

As I had all the time just now, I was thinking about the arrival of my 2.5 inch heels that I bought online the whole time. I was anxious and worried at the same time that it'll be lost somewhere already. But thank God, Mr. PosLaju postman arrived at the right time and bring back my smile. My Xmas Shoes! Wheee ! Have I told you how much I love receiving parcel yet? ;)

Ended the day after receiving a call from my sis-cuzzy in Sunway.
It was indeed great to hear from her again. Need to do alot of catch up with her soon. :)

till then.
later! <3

p/s : Phew! It's been awhile haven't wrote something like this! ;p

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