Wednesday, 17 December 2008

When I thought it has died long time ago, but still slowly it felt like coming back.
No, I would not let the spirit of Christmas fade just like that.
What happened a year past, it was just a history now.

Work's a shit load right now I wouldn't want to mention it at all.
Need to get it done before I'm off for a break. Hopefully till early next year.
I think I'm almost done with buying gifts for the family. Just need to wait for the things to arrive. Not a real shopping but what the heck. This year I opted for online shopping instead. Much more easier and convenient. ;)

But sadly, I did not get to send Christmas cards the old fashion way this year as promised. Time limits. Maybe next year then.

On another note,
Was out to the mall with my sister & the brothers plus Kuya Rodge yesterday and bought this...

Initially wanting to buy Junk magazine but the bookstore did not have a December issue.
Pergghhh! Might as well subscribe the issues from KL. Anyway....I finally had my 1st ever issue of this envy magazine ! Loving every bit of those fashion article , layout, design & everything! Very the artsy-fartsy one. Hee ;p And hey, that cutie Brian Lau, Cleo's Most Eligible Bachelor 2008 is in it as well ! :D

For those who love adore fashion, You guys should go and buy a copy for yourself lah.

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