Friday, 30 January 2009

"Ashopaholicsden is giving away bag for free!”

Where is the bag in the picture inspired from?
The bag in the picture is inspired from Miss Monster designer range

Me needs a designer inspired bag from because....
no matter how I hard I try, I could not afford an authentic and original ones ! Everything branded is so pricey these days. Hmmm..If only money comes that easy! *sigh*

Christmas has past, Chinese New Year almost over, what's next? Still I haven't got a designer inspired bag for myself. I can't deny that I can buy any bags in the market. Cheap and affordable ones. There are like tons of it every where. But the quality? I doubt it. I mean who does not want the best, probably not really but just something better.

Walking down the street, stand tall and straight, parading your best outfit for the day but you finally realize that you are missing something. Like a person who has just lost her soul mate. Finding that one true piece that has gone. Sad isn't it?

Me need that bag so much! A casual bag but still stylish nevertheless.

I just wish someone would drop that designer inspired bag at my doorstep someday.Will you be the one to fulfill my wish? ;)

Ox-licious Lunar Chinese New Year

This will be pretty much tell you guys how my chinese new year celebration were.

Chinese New Year Eve 25th January 2009
Sis and I had a simple reunion dinner with my cousin's family since my parents and brother are in Kuala Lumpur right now. Wow, it's our first time celebrating without them. How different! But thanks to my cousin's family for their invitation. We both really appreciate the thoughts! ;)

1st Day of Chinese New Year 26th January 2009
There was nothing much. Sis and I went out to see our future dog. Later at night, Kuya Rodge joined sis & I for a simple dinner at home.

2nd Day of Chinese New Year 27th January 2009
Dinner at my uncle's place. With families around, lion dance, good Chinese food and not forgetting ang pows! ;) Hong bao, hong bao. Missing that traditional yee sang though.

And this time around, we had fortune cookies as well.
Mine was ...."Your cheerful outlook is one of your assets."
I wonder what that is about. Hmmmm.....

So how was your Chinese New Year like?

Hopefully everyone had a great time!

I hope it's not to late for me to wish everyone....

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Kong Hee Fatt Choi,
Xin Nian Kuai Le,
Happy Lunar Chinese New Year
Have an Ox-picious one!

Cheers! <3>

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Juz a few notes

I would like to stay longer but no, not today.

Had a wonderful evening with the sisters
but, but, but...

I got to catch my Tagalog movie right now.

Share with you guys real soon.
Stay tuned for the next post aights?

Geez ;p

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tambay treat

*Backdated post *

24 January 2009
Tambayan, Api- Api Centre
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


After church that Saturday night, sister and myself went to have a Filipino Dinner at a restaurant called Tambayan. We actually wanted to go to the other Filipino restaurant , but we ended up eating here instead. Since we were both missing the Filipino cuisine especially me ;p like what we ate in the Philippines, this what we were having .....

Adobo Chicken Rice

I would say that this like our version of Daging Ayam Masak Kicap. A stew chicken. But the sauce is a bit different from ours and you can taste the salty taste.

Bangus (Milk Fish) + Egg + Vege +Rice

I am not really a fan when it comes to eating fish but this one of the fish I can eat everyday! The Filipino's also love eating milk fish for breakfast.


This has got to be my ultimate favourite! The Filipino's always ate this together with egg and garlic rice for breakfast. And I always love it when it goes with mango/ orange juice in the morning. Masarap naman! A pork dish similar to a Chinese sausage but simply love this a bit more. ;p


This dessert simply taste awesome! Malaysia has it own ABC and Philippines has this. Very rich in flavour and it has all mixed lovely fruity ingredients that makes it so delicious. I love the nata de coco the oh-so-great leche flan in it! Wow geez, I can get a lil excited as I describe this! Heaven! ;)

Manila Mango Juice

Philippines has the best mango ever! ;p


So, what do you think?
Want a taste of the Philippines cuisine?

I'm sure you want to. :)

Sunday, 25 January 2009

21.01.09 : At Cube + Ssam Station

*Backdated post*

Last Wednesday, I went to CUBE Restaurant to claim my prize. I took a day off from work. Earlier that previous day, a lady from the Breeze Magazine has called me up asking me to go to the restaurant in CityMall for the prize giving ceremony. Before the prize giving ceremony, all the winners for the contest were given light refreshment. We were served four types of finger food that day. The official photographer were snapping alot of pictures. Too bad I didn't get to snap any pictures though. After the prize were given away, we had a short group photo before heading out of the restaurant. I'll be waiting for the next month's issue to see those pictures.

And guess what?
I actually gave this lady the original prize that I have won cause she wanted it so much. And I was more than willing to exchange it to what she had won. I was more than happy to make someone's day. Plus I'm not even keen on having that prize. Heehe ;)

So having these cute small black hat hair accessories enough for me.
My prize above is sponsored by STREET Boutique. :)

Later that day, I treated the siblings Korean food at Ssam Station ( unfortunately, heard that it is going to closed down soon! *sigh*) in Wawasan Plaza. Three of us ordered Mixed Do-Si-Rak since we wanted to try everything.

The food is so scrumptiously delicious! I simply love how sweet and tender those meat are! And love the beef meat especially. So juicy and sweet it makes me want to eat more. But then again, this bento is enough to make us full by the end of our meal. Thank goodness I have my Nokcha tea after a hearty meal like this.

After that, we head down to the post office, had a long way to 1Borneo, back to Karamunsing and home sweet home. I had the longest day ever! Phew! 0.O

Friday, 23 January 2009

to the author of Life For Beginners

.... here is a special birthday dedication.

Just a little tribute, a lil something to share.
Sorry, I have no present for you bro.
Heehe ;p


Stumbled upon while doing lots of hopping, going through good reads where I used to go to other people's blog.... I knew I saw this familiar name at one or two of my already favourite blog at that time. Out of curiousity, I clicked his link and I have gotten know who this KM guy is! ;p

I can that he is one talented author/writer/designer/photographer who had tons of love surrounded him between family and friends. You can tell by reading his blog.

Being a fan of great inspirational, beautiful written words,
I never regretted wasting some of my precious time reading your updated posts.
I became a frequent visitor, commentor & reader when I had the time eventually.

I like it when you actually response to your readers point of view every time.
Shows how you appreciate your readers for dropping by and share stories with you.
I never actually knew him in reality, but only virtually though. Thank God for Facebook! ;p
But am sure he is a nice guy in person. And bet your partner in life will agree with me on that right?

On top of all that, your blog has made me feel that there is always sunshine after the rain, no matter how bad it can be, you encourage a person to see life in different ways.
Through darkness, there will be light.
One of the reason, I learn that to live life to the fullest.
I am stronger now. Thank you.

It was a year back where he started to inspire me much through his blog,
where he shares stories. A life for beginners. Until this day.

As you turned the big 3-0 today,
I wish you nothing but best wishes all the way,
Happy Birthday Kenny!
As you celebrate life, may you will always be gay. ;)

Your inspired reader,

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

New “Birdie Scripted” Contest

Gisele Jaquenod & Birdie is having a " Birdie Scripted " Contest till the 31st January 2009. All you have to do is think of a little script for a Birdie Says mug, post it up on your blog & explain about this contest. Further details are here *click*. And if you win, you will get yourself a Birdie Says mug & print! How awesome is that? ;)

Here is my 3 scripted ideas :

1) "Milk, anyone?" With milk stains dropping from the mug. Since most of the mugs on the website is for coffee/tea/cocoa lovers. Why not design a mug for those who love drinking milk instead?
2) " Fancy A Cup or Two? " While Birdie says that, pictured Birdie holding one or two mugs on it's hands.
3) " Have a Break, Get a Drink!"

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Never Ever Say Never! *UPDATED*

It's another gloomy day but I'll let it pass by slowly.


I suddenly realize what day is today.
It is the VIMA 2008 , Malaysia's First Independent Music Awards.
Geez, how time flies!
Since I don't get the chance to become a spectator to the VIMA's and I was eager to know the results already, I decided to send an SMS to DinotheDrummer.
Turns out, he texted me back saying that they were not going to win.
I did not replied.
Two hours later, he told me that they had just actually won one of the nomination Best Genre Bender category! EDIT : And 3rd place for Best Rock Song! WoOhOooooo! Makes my day! :)

As I've told DinotheDrummer, " See told you that you guys gonna win ! " ;p

It was great to hear about the winning as I have been constantly voting on the net. Yes, I did it on a daily basis. Heehe *shy* And not to mention votes for Yuri Wong the ex member of FrequencyCannon as well. I wonder if he had won any award tonight? Hmmm....Guess I'll just have to wait and see later.

And oh, I just love it when I'm totally being appreciate.
One more thing, Never Ever Say Never again aights?
Cause we ever know....


Just got an SMS back from RG informing me that Estranged has won two awards last night as well. They got the Best Rock Song & Most Mind Blowing Music Video ( Yang Pernah, which didn't suprise me at all ) award! And 3rd place for Best Rock Group.

Among the others of my favourite who won yesterday are Yuna, Melissa Indot and Reza Salleh. I was a bit disappointed that Yuri did not win any award though. *sigh*

For full list of winners from each category, please click here.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Winter On a Summer Night

O.. the late nights and wet weather these few days, I felt like doing absolutely nothing.
As if it felt like the rain pouring down on a wintery day. It's not like I've been any closer to snow before. I just felt so cold, it shivers. Thank goodness I haven't caught influenza just yet.

But you know what?

I've had the most wonderful sleep in the entire week so far!
Plus, I simply adore & love how that au naturale coolness to make my much needed sleeping beauty almost heaven!
And oh, better get more of that now.
Ooh, what a bliss! :)

later loves! <3

Sunday, 11 January 2009

She ain't that heavy, she is....

one of my little munchkins! The I-love-a-camera niece who loves posing everytime you snap a picture of her and once she saw you holding a camera, she will definitely stick with you for hours. Heehe. ;)

And her name is Madeline.
Ain't she adorable?

lovelove <3

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

In the twilight zone.....still!

I don't know what gotten into me when I finally agree to watch this movie the other day. Since most of my closed ones will definitely know how much I dread going to the cinema & a real not a movie fan either. But things changed with this.

Oh, what you do to me?
Oh, What you do to me?

Since watching the movie, I kept on telling my sister that I don't mind dating a vampire as long as it's Edward Cullen! Or perhaps the real Robert Pattinson too? Ok, ok I kid! Heehe ;p

Although it's been weeks since their last show ended here, I am still not over it yet! It's sO phenomenal, it's crazy! Haha ;p

Stumbled upon this through while browsing on the net.
Few Twilight goodies I can't stop laying my eyes on.....

Twilight Perfume
Twilight Keyring
Twilight Winter Accessories
Twilight Edward Cullen's Poster

Oh, My Gosh! Can somebody please get me those?
I really wanted that perfume I could not resist eyeing on but too bad it's bloody freaking expensive USD. And plus, they do not shipped out to outside US residents. *le sigh*

So much for me being in a twilight zone. Bwek ;p

Monday, 5 January 2009

my fascination

Months back, I've entered an online contest by for Estranged's Remain Unknown Album. Since they required a logo design for the contest, I've decided to send my old hand drawn Estranged logo which I've had for like ages already.

My winning entry! ;)

I was sO happy when they announced the winners for the month of October! I even texted AndytheDrummer on the phone that I've won...heehe ;p And Rich wish me luck too! ;pp I have never expected to win but wanting an autographed cd again I got the guts to try my luck anyway. Finally delivered to my office 2 weeks ago and just today I've got to open it.

Here's what I got :
A size S T-Shirt & Estranged's Remain Unknown Album

The Cover Album

I love the idea of putting an Orang Asli man as the cover. Really suits the title plus it's kind of mysterious in a way. A very well done photography by Vig Balasingam the Photographer.

The Autographed CD


The Contents

I would like to say how much I love this cd compared to the last one. I mean not in a bad way but they had alot of improvement on this. The thing is I love how bands write their own material & to see how much they put their hard work and extra effort , they truly deserved what they have nowadays. What they did really pays off.

And I must say I love the designs, photography and the quality wise as well.


Want a piece of Estranged too?
Go and buy yourself a copy of the album today! :)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I've mentioned this way too frequent already but I want to say this again.

Time really flies when you least expected it.
Trips to the airport, ferry terminals witness I bid farewell, saying goodbyes till the day I will say hello once more.

Hold on, the time will come.

I'll be back to work again tomorrow. Children beginning their new semester in school. Hello traffic jam. Knock, knock. Time to wake up and hit the sack. That is when you realize something. Almost 2 weeks....Reality really bites lah weii ! Ouch... *le sigh*

Friday, 2 January 2009

the 1st mOo-year trip

Hey, hey it's officially 2009 now!
Spent my New Year's eve having a simple home-cooked meal dinner with the family was good enough for me to end the year.
So what did you guys do on the 1st day of the year?

It's a new day, a new beginning to a new year.
Instead of wasting my time listing my resolutions here, I might as well skipped through that.
I'll keep it to myself this time & try to achieved it. No more bull shit craps ! Haha ;p

Well anyways, my family & I decided we went for a last minute short ( I mean really short!) trip to Labuan just to sent my cousin, who has been staying with us for the school holidays home yesterday. Headed to Menumbok Ferry terminal to board on a speed boat for a quick ride & minutes later we were there! That wayyyy too fast. Pening kepala juga lah wei. Heehe.

Straight to the free duty shops while waiting for my aunty. We bumped into my uncle who's working nearby & went for a drink as it was frigging HOT and we were sweating. Man, I doubt it if I could stand staying in an island. Minutes later, my aunty brought us to find the best liquors & chocolates stores. As it was way too warm to walk and buy stuffs, I was not in the mood to shop for anything. I could not even believe myself that I resist shopping on a free duty island. Had a quick Lunch, Quick yet again. That Chicken Salad Rice for lunch was GOOOD by the way! ;)

Everything was sO in the fast pace, the next thing I knew, we were going on board to the Labuan-Menumbok ferry & said our goodbyes. It was good to see my uncle and aunty nevertheless.

Four of the only few pictures I took.....

On board

Labuan town

Kuala Penyu

There were so many people yesterday, crowded and all. Plus it the scorching Sun almost got my skin burnt. Yikes!
But I was glad we got into the 1st class so that we were able to sit back and relax abit. Air-conditioned...really cOol inside compared to economy class, watched Death Race (love that movie!) and slept awhile.

Had dinner in my favourite place in Papar before heading home.
And I was too tired to think about anything.

later loves!

Oh, Happy New Year once more! <3