Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Thank You Channel [V] !

Last January, I received an email from Tommi Chan of STAR HK informing me that I actually won the survey prize of Channel [V]'s new website. And few days ago, I got this from the courier man.....

An Official Channel [v]'s envelope held to my hand.

Yay, a happy mail just came in!

An exclusive premium for me!
Yipeeee ;)

A notebook & 5 badges.

Absolutely love the colourful designs!
Thanks again!

My Own Bento set

Last week I found this....
I finally got the type of bento (lunch box) set I want!

Natural lunch time water bottle, chopsticks comes with clear plastic casing & food container sold separately. Bought in Japan Home, Asia City KK. Total cost : RM 22.00

Monday, 30 March 2009

Restaurant T&T Bar : 170309

Sis and I celebrated my mum's birthday there.
Very cosy and nice place to chill out with your closed ones.
Apart from the western and the every day food here,
they even got free wi-fi for customers while dining in.

Here's what we've ordered:



Black Pepper Chicken with Rice
This dish was only an ok for me as I don't think it tasted according to my taste bud.

Big and Small portion of Fish & Chips.
I think this taste good! I bet I'm going to order this the next time around.
Plus, the Western food is reasonably cheap as well.

Restaurant T & T Bar
Business Hour : 11 am - 12 am
No.4, Block A, Plaza Utama,
Rainfield CKS Hypermarket,

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Not Quite Dark

Was expecting a full support from fellow Sabahans but it was just too disappointing.
I don't know why some people don't even bother about this.
Do they even care?

Anyways, good job to those who did their part by turning their lights off for an hour! Well done guys! We all deserve a big round of applause! Even Hitz.fm extended few minutes of their Earth Hour. At least they are people who are not that ignorant at all! *smiles*

The siblings were in town yesterday for the Earth Hour.
Saw Jesselton Point support by turning off the lights and even made a banner for their pledge.
These are some other location supporting as well:
-Every outlet of Coffee Bean
-KFC by turning off their signboard
-Sutera Harbour by turning off their street lights at the parking area
-Shangrila Hotel KK ( The only hotel which went totally dark and candle light! Sweet!)
-Little Italy

Hope to see more places and people supporting Earth Hour next year! ;)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Switching It Off

I know I will...But will you?

In conjunction with the Earth Hour,
I am in full support to make it happened!
Little thing s you can do to save the place you called home,
so it's a better place to lived in.
Remember about our future ahead,
what our children will have if we don't take an action now.
Do not be selfish, think about others!
Cause small amount of help does makes a difference.

And it only takes an hour.

Tonight is THE night !

Turn off the light, save some energy
and pay less electricity as well!
Haha ;p

Spend a 60 minutes with your loved ones,
fill in the darkness with the ones that make your bright smile shines!

8:30PM local time, wherever you live on planet earth.
Saturday 28 March 2009

Are you with me? :)

Friday, 27 March 2009

090309 : Kundasang / Ranau Trip ! Pt.3

Kundasang War Memorial

Recent trip to Kundasang with the family has brought me and siblings to this place yet again. But this time around we had to pay for the entrance unlike before. It is good to know that they are preserving and maintaining the place nevertheless. During the time of visit it is still half under construction.

This is one of the war memorial I love visiting every time.
And about the fact that it is built on a cool climate area & offer a nice garden to look at, it has become a favourite of mine.

I have always love beautiful garden with lushes greenery, carpet grass and colourful flowers growing gracefully. And what more an English garden....it has that romantic feel to it. I don't mean to sound a lil lovey but it remind me of an old English love story.

It's a beautiful day and I had no doubt about that! :)

So okay, random pictures taken for you.

So friends, what do you think?
You should pay a visit the next time around when you're in Sabah peeps!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

090309: Kundasang/Ranau Trip! Pt.2

Continuation from the previous part 1.

Perkasa Hotel

Reminiscence of my beautiful childhood trip memories here. Once you were young as me, but you grew up, so does I, and everything changes.....
Not everything in a bad way, something just improved.
And you did.
Maybe I did as well.

My playground holiday & fond memories will always be planted here.
I can't believe what you turned out into,
You have become an even more beautiful than before.
A place I'd look forward to go to.
Once more.

Awesome-ness right? ;)


And I really love this shot of me by my sister.

Maybe just cause the other pictures makes me look chunky & all fleshy meaty.
Heehe ;p


Stay tuned for Part 3!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Goody Giveaway #5 by Allen Designs

Yipee, another giveaway!

Always wanted something unique, one of a kind
and nice to decorate an empty space?
Now you can. See those awesome handmade crafts above?
Well, Michelle Allen is giving her newest designs of her Flutter Clock,
Flower Tea Full Print, Bloom Frame and a Time Flies Clock.

Beautiful, no?

Stand a chance to win by clicking here.
What are waiting? Craft lovers go ahead,
I know you want to!


Sunday, 22 March 2009

090309: Kundasang /Ranau Trip! Pt.1

Since it's a public holiday, our family decided for day trip! Yay!
We got up a real early and excited since it has been a while since our last family trip. Yes, just spending time with your loved ones does matters most.

First stop for the day.

Tagal Sg. Moroli,
Kg. Luanti Baru,

I was here again.The 2nd time around. ;)
The sister kept on telling dad how she have not been here yet last time.
So yeah, this time, we came here for her and not-so-little brother of mine.

And there she goes again.
Getting herself wet & excited with the fishes who enjoy sucking her fingers every time she's holding the fish food. Heehe ;p

After that, durian hunting & eating! Yunnylicious! :)

More on this trip soon!

Friday, 20 March 2009

The Journey of Finding the White Rabbit

(A post for alicewonders.com )

I don't hunt.
Everyone knows it.
At least not anything else but this.....

For the last couple of days, I was out and about, in and out of the forest.And the first time ever, I became a hunter. The quest of one mission. Finding a cute white rabbit hiding some where in Alice Wonderland. High and low, I came across other rabbits but not a white one though.

You see those who found the white rabbit will get rewarded with a bag of your choice!
How great is that? So a hunter got to do what he/she loves the best.
Who could resist right? ;)

Days before the hunt began, I had a sleepless night.
Dreaming of being the Fastest Hunter. Ok, I kid! ;p
I got a lil excited, I joined the Facebook Group.
And forwarding emails about this hunt to inform few friends.
It helps a bit, trust me.

On the 1st day, I found the rabbit but I was not the Fastest Hunter.
On the 2nd day, I did not managed to find any.
And not on the 3rd & 4th day ae well.
But that does not mean I did not try hard.
I was figuring out where did it went.
"Did it went hiding in between lo and behold those beautiful bags of Alice?"
I asked myself.
I even go through those browsing about a couple of times till I gave up.
The 5th day has finally came and it is also the last day.
I have found it but not the fastest hunter either.

And plus, I had the difficulty in having a quick search.
If only the Internet connection both at home and work has been nice to me.
I could have been a Gung-Ho hunter as well.
IRight now, I am on a last misson.
Writing for Creative hunter.

It has been 5 days of hunting and finally it is done today. *sweats* Phew!
Looking forward for the next hunting session if there is any!

Come here ribbity cutey White Rabbit!
I'm going to get you!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

And where were you, woman?

I am not exactly that busy when I'm home. Most of the time, I cozy up on the couch lazing around, relaxing as much. Stucked at certain things & I am being a magazine junkie most of the time. Oh, let's just say I got distracted more or less. And I can't wait for the time to come in just few weeks away! :)

Anyway, here's a sneak peek what I was up to those couple of weeks ago. During my absence from blogging.

You got to stay tuned for that!

Ciao! <3

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Malaysia : It’s a Love Story

(Post written for www.themalaysiapage.com. )

This is a story of mine.
A story to be shared to everyone.

Being born and bred as a Malaysian, I have always been in love with my own country. As a child, I used to travel with my immediate family members around Malaysia, well to be precise, cover most parts of Sabah already. Personally speaking, I have always love the adventures and appreciate the lushes greenery that we are truly blessed with. Yes, I am a Sabahan who has spent most her entire life here.

And if you ask me….why do I love Malaysia?

The Place

It is a wonderful place to live in. Though sometimes I have to admit that I complain about why do we not have a winter season. But I learn to accept more to that.

There is no doubt that Malaysia do not have a four season weather like other countries do. Hot, sunny and rainy days the whole year. But the good thing is we do not have to worry when we can do our favorite things. We can do it almost every single day! Things like lazing out at the beach reading book while on your is sure a bliss to me! As a matter of fact there is more things to do than that. You can opt for island hopping, jungle trekking and mountain climbing just to name a few.

What better place to live in?
This is where I would rather be. Home is where the heart is.

The People

With so many different cultures, backgrounds and languages, Malaysian strive for peace and harmony between each other to maintain it’s no war environment. Friendly people with their warm smile never fail to greet you reflect the heartwarming hospitality. People here enjoy hanging out with friends at the hawker & mamak stalls on the street. And I like it when people in different races & religion can come together to celebrate one festival. Children will receive ang pow packets on Chinese New Year and duit raya on Hari Raya day.

The Food

Comes to my favorite things to write on top of all. Satay, ketupat, rendang, roti canai are among my favorite food. There are like all sort of food served here. Different types of cuisine. The taste of unique and exotic delicacy, I am sure you would not want to miss it for the world. Cities in Malaysia offer rich array of local, oriental, western and continental foods as well. Do I even need to say more?

My Hometown & Favourite Destination

No matter how far I’ve travel outside Malaysia, my hometown Sabah is still the best place. Once a small town to everyone. Now has become a developing state, a thriving commercial centre and holiday destination. Large shopping malls and hotels can easily be found scattered around. The place where I could enjoy the sandy beach around. Eating fresh seafood here is affordable too.

And my favorite destination will be Kundasang/ Kinabalu Park in Sabah. This is also where Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Malaysia is located. With its cool climate and beautiful nature surroundings, foreigners and tourists come from all over the world to visit, explore and enjoy the beauty it has to offer. Fresh local fruits and vegetables can be found along the road streets.


I would certainly love to say more but it will surely be a never ending story.
I hope this is good enough to share my love.
But do remember this my country…

Malaysia, I am still in love with you!

Written By:

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Playtime with Basha & Bambi

One of the things I did on my usual routine, evening walks without my dogs will not be that fun at all. This is where I spend most of the time with them. Bonding moment...getting to know your pets more. Playing around , running away ( while you call their names & they will run when you ask them to...how cute!) with their over active bodies sometimes gets me a little nerve wrecking . But at least, I could get fit & help my stamina to built up some more No excuse for not exercising. You know, when you're always tend to jog? Heehe but what's important is its good for health ya? ;)

Here is what we usually do on evenings.....

And if you're asking me, yes I do carry my camera sometimes while having walks with them.
Dogs are truly one loyal man best friend indeed! :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I can't believe....

Supposed to but I didn't.

I've missed Jason Mraz live concert in Kuala Lumpur.

Here's what I've found on Klue's blog :

Hope other people enjoyed though.
Cheers! ;)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happily Broken

Letting go of "Lucky I'm in Love With My Best Friend...." thingy ain't easy for us.
Wishing it will just be in town.
It's hard but we'll live. Right D*?

Came back to work today with my half newly decorated office desk (still working on it,lil by little) and my new love flat-screen LG monitor. Hope this will get me going. My leg still has this weird feeling. The massage I got yesterday from the sin sang was really wow powerful ! When the medicine got too hot, it burnt & my waist left a blue black mark. Being me, I try hard not to scream in pain. Though I've had to admit that it was a good one. I felt so much better afterwards. That's the point. ;)

I'm broke. But I'm happy.
I've just burn a hole in my pocket but it's well worth it! I just have to!

I'm not smiling but deep inside me I am cause someone's coming home this weekend!
And I've missed them too much! Yes, I do. :)