Wednesday, 29 April 2009

That Long, long Walk :190409

Oh, what a Sunday! Despite that busy and bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur, heavy traffic with too many motorists on the road, I still fancy looking at one thing, the big giant billboards around.

(Please ignore the reflection on this picture, I was in the car without putting window down while I took this. Hee :P )

After morning church, having long walks around the city is sure a good way of exercising your lazy legs. A bit of sweats sometime are even worth it.

And nothing beats like a good old school morning breakfast with a plate of spicy chee cheong fun & a glass of cold barley at one of the hawker stalls in Petaling Street's Chinatown. I wanted to drink the air mata kucing drink but were not open yet that time. Sigh. Oh, how I miss that already! :(

Then it was Sungei Wang /Bukit Bintang & Low Yat Plaza time before having Chinese lunch nearby Low Yat.


Dad drove & drop me and my brother off to One Utama in Damansara in the afternoon. We both managed to go around and finished the whole new and old wing in just few hours time! Yes, we've conquered everything from top to bottom floor .....Imagine that! There was so many happening things happened during that Sunday in that mall and it was insanely packed & crowded.

In between doing window shopping and walking like a marathon, we stopped over to have luk luk & drinks and later A & W conny dog, fries & a big glass root beer float to fill in our energy. Just in case you were wondering why I was only window shopping, I guess I saw too many signs of sales here & there , I ended up buying nothing! Which is a good thing though! Haha ;p

I kind of like this Rainforest area pictured below.....but it was kinda hot in the afternoon.

They said this is the first Korean Food Fair in Malaysia.
I am seriously not a fan of their kimchi, something like a pickled vegetable but their beef meat meal tasted great though. And they have nice selection of tasty noodle if you ask me.

By this time, it was pretty exhausting and my feet starting to hurt like hell.

But still....

Went to Giant Hypermarket at night cause I wanted to try out the Indonesian JCo Donuts Yvonne was talking about. I think the taste is similar to Big Apple Donuts. But being a sweet tooth person it is still yummy though! Too bad I'm not there in KL during Krispy Kreme launching. Why lah!

At the end of that long, long walks.....I crashed on the bed. *phew*

Sunday, 26 April 2009

the amazing hours : 180409

Early in the morning, I found myself for the very first time in one of the area of Bukit Jalil Stadium. N* my cuzzy's bf drove us there. It was a really sunny day indeed!


The event that was....

Yes, I was there for The Taylor's Mass Colympics 2009. Since my cuzzy, E* was one of the propassion student committee, I got a free ticket to enter.


There were alot of games and entertainment held that day. Paintballs, telematch, futsal, rock climbing and Taylor's very own Amazing Race.

During launching of the event.....

Guess who was there to launch?

No prize for guessing though.
*Evil grin*
Heehe ;p


Flagging off the first part of the Amazing Race...


And of course I was there for only one thing, meeting the amazing Allan Wu , the scriptwriter, actor and host of Amazing Race Asia himself. That guy look so much better in person I tell you! And friendly too! :)

Because he is too tall, he had to lowered his body to take picture with me. I pity you! Sorry Allan, I'm just too short. Haha ;p

And I was one of his fan who got lucky enough to be able to meet him up, close and personal. I even got myself an autograph from the man.


While everyone was busy queuing up for Allan Wu's pictures and autograph, I moved to the other side of corner & approached Rashid Salleh. He was actually one of the finalist from the Malaysia Cleo's Eligible Bachelor some time ago.

After getting his autograph, I wanted a picture with him as well. But before I could ask for someone's help, he took my camera and said something like this to me, " I'm a pro at this." So I let him & the camwhoring part was perfecto! Nice one Rashid! Heehe ;)


Was chilling & hanging out a bit, ate pasta carbonara & grape drink for lunch and got entertained. These are the only 2 pictures of performers I took towards the end of the hot scorching sunny day. It was too hot to handle!

the duo who I forgot their names...oopssie sorry!
I think they won from a previous Astro competition or something. ;p

and excuse me if I got this wrong again but I think they are 'the pitbull inc' band or something but honestly, I actually quite like this band. Cause they write their own song. gO indie band gO! hee ;)


It rained, drizzled a bit when we left Bukit Jalil.
I got myself a sun burnt & now still getting used to my darker skin.
That amazing hours! ;p

p/s : Want to know what Allan Wu says about Taylor's Mass Colympics?
Click here

the flight to LCCT :150409

It was a fine evening boarding a plane with my brother despite the delayed flight. Well, it was expected. We got ourselves a front row hot seats & a express boarding so it was quite relaxed.

Peeking through the airplane window and captured a nice view of the Land Below the Wind....

While we were on board, we got really hungry.

My brother and I wanted to try something else, but we had no choice but to order this..... I think I just had the worst spaghetti meatballs ever! I hope AirAsia sees this. Heehe. ;p

That definitely won't spoil this happy feet mood abit as she stepped on the LCCT ground though. She was happy to see her dad again and the place where she has not set foot for like ages. :)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

my birthday dinner : 120409

Before I am going to post about something yeah, it's been overdued. my bad. this year it falls on an Easter Sunday again. All of my family members were here and it makes me happy cause they were present on my special day. The best gift anyone could ever had.

A simple birthday dinner with the family at Tambayan. A Filipino cuisine accompanied with yummy Manila mango juice which I love oh so much! And I left out some of the food pictures cause I was just too excited! ;p

It was a great night turning a year older indeed! ;)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

So I am back and burnt. When I said ,"Burnt" I meant it in so many ways. I have like tons of stuff to update here but not that sure where to start either. Feeling a bit? I mean A lot refreshed going away from my comfort zone and I only wish the adventure did not end that soon. One week flies, it ain't enough when you have so much fun And I still can't believe who I have actually met in person. Not one or two but more. Finally! :)

Trust me. It feels so good, you don't even know it.
This has got to be the best after birthday vacation ever!
*insert widest smile ever* Haha ;p

But oops, reality hit me back once more.
Back to work tomorrow. Why oh-sO-soon?
Dang! :(

Friday, 17 April 2009

Where am at....

Hey, hey, hey ! I was meaning to blog but yeah I got distracted yet again. And I was too lazy here, chilling out, relaxing and enjoying the sunny weather of Damansara. Things I haven't been doing lately. I absolutely love doing nothing sometimes. But things can get pretty pissed off when the phone lines and internet connection are major f**ked up! Still manageable though. Hee ;p

It's been like ages since I last travelled here.
So much things has changed.

And oh....
Just in case you haven't noticed, I am currently out of town. :)
It has been 3 days & time flies.
Geez .

Sunday, 12 April 2009

some thoughts on a bunny day

I opened up my eyes to greet the morning,
As I dragged myself out of the bed with a sleepy feeling.

It's a Sunday,
so why woke up that early?
I had a reason. For it is a beautiful Easter day.
Why waste when it comes along the way?
Or was it another reason, you might say?

This is what I told myself...
For this day...

I don't intend to wait for your call,
I can no longer let you make me fall,
Cause I have enough support around me,
Than just another heartache.

Something's are meant to be broken but soon be healed.

I am grateful to God for the many people who are still behind me today.
If I could, I want to mention and thanked each and every one of you.
How important it is to have that kind of love & care from the ones whom appreciate & accepts the true person you are no matter what it takes.

I truly appreciate the thoughts!
I can't thank you enough,


the best thing that ever happened today, I am alive and I can sing, danced for a life, a new age once more. I am sure glad that I've reached a half century now. :)

I just love being an Easter baby indeed!
No wonder I love eating Easter eggs still. ;p

Friday, 10 April 2009

Spread the Word :

(This a blog post for Elevyn & Tongue in Chic.)

Making somebody else happy every time I put a smile on their face makes my day. Don't you? That is what exactly I will do to for the society, I am going to spread the word, do a little contribution for a good cause. It may not cost that much but hope it is worth it.

And what's more, you can win awesome prizes as well. :)


Okay, okay back to the topic.
Here I'll be talking about Elevyn.

What is Elevyn you might ask?

Founded by Sze Ning, ( pronounced as 'eleven') is actually a web based buy and sell platform that encourage rural artisan to improve their livelihood. It is not a charity but merely an enabling platform. It also aims to create wealth using fair trade online stores, and to provide an innovative platform to raise money for social causes.A website that targets socially conscious consumers by ensuring every shop on the site is linked to a community-based cause.

A world of less poverty thru fair trade, because every buyer is a socially conscious one.


Pictures above taken from

Those pictures above are some shots of handmade items available on Elevyn. No wonder it seems so familiar in my eyes cause those items came from Kudat the place which is part of my hometown Sabah.

Handicraft/painting/bracelets/ cushion/handbag and all kinds of handmade items are sold.
I find it unique and exotic and truly one of a kind!

So far this is the list of shops and causes I got from the their website and will be expanding their collections on their website soon.

List of Shops

1. Artisans Angkor, Cambodia
2. Tompoq, Topoh, Malaysia
3. Salaam Wanita, Malaysia
4. Soning Craft, Malaysia

List of Causes

1. Support Krousar Thmey Students
2. Food for elderly & single moms
3. Train Disadvantaged Urban Women
4. Mongulimboi Amoi
5. Empower communities thru trade

I believe that if everyone is supportive and be able to help each other, we can make this place a better place to live in. Go on....Why not start today and help me spread the word?

More information, please check out

Have a Good Friday everyone! ;)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Oh. Nope, it ain't a Joke.

At least that was what I'd like to think it is. Since it is also April Fool's Day but no, I got lucky this time. Hee ;p

A letter just came in.....

It's from Quachee! Yay!

Remember this particular article I wrote for ?
( click on the word 'this' above )

Apparently, I was one of the winners
and won this cute little book about Malaysia!
I'm not sure if my story was good enough but I simply
can't wait to flip through the colourful pages!

Heehe ;)

Thank you so much Quachee! :)