Saturday, 25 July 2009

Carey Island ! : 200609

Ok so I have finally decided to continue with delayed post.

This a continuation about the trip I won from this contest last March.

It was an early morning for me that day as I was already slept late & just arrived the day before. And I haven't really got up that early lately. But that does not really stop me being excited for the trip. Sze Ning from Elevyn was kind enough to picked me up at Damansara Perdana all the way from her place and later met up with the rest at Hartamas area. Met Mike from Elevyn, the 2 lovely ladies from TongueinChic, Joyce aka KinkyBlueFairy & Claudia, now former Editorial Assistant of Joyce &  the other winner Hsu Jen and Sze Ning's US friend while having breakfast at the coffee shop.

After breakfast, it was getting darker & started rain. It was too cosy inside the car, I kept on yawning. Jen and I got to know each other a little bit on the way to Carey Island. I was happy that we got along well and got this instant connection.

When we arrived at the town, was quite surprised that Carey Island is actually separated by just a little bridge. And no, there was no sandy beach while sipping your favourite drink. Carey Island is mostly surrounded by palm oil plantation. And there was a community of people called the Mah Meri.

We were greeted by the friendly people of Carey Island upon our arrival there. We headed to the store room like first where they have displayed various kinds of handicrafts and stuffs.Here we've learnt about their cultures and beliefs. I love how they put colours to those weavings.

There is a puzzle that the man need to solve before he can hand a lady in marriage.  Some of us tried but didn't get to solved it. We let them do it instead.

Claudia, on the hand was so determined to get the puzzle solved.  

She didn't but I salute her for trying her best. 

The married man showed us the solved puzzle.

Later, Sze Ning lead us and showed us around while the other ladies prepared our lunch. We went to workshops where most of the men carved their woods. 

At one of the wood carving workshop.

Awesome carving skills and each of the carvings actually has a different meaning to it.

Without much to elaborate, here's to random pictures...

Joyce Wong and Claudia Low

Worship place

Musical Instruments


Jen and I

The shelter

My gift from Carey Island

Yes, they do have a modern toilet

Random wooden house

Meow, meow

Big eye baby
and our national flower,


Lunch has finally being served.  
Fresh fish catch from the sea and oil palm.
Too bad there's no crab that day. Huhu. But still...
Yummy! All of us had a really big appetite that day. 

And what's for dessert?
We also had mango apple
but was too full from eating durians.
Heehe ;)

After lunch,  the ladies of Tompoq Topoh showed us how to make this.......

Last but not least, traditional music to entertained us.

Before we leave....
I managed to take pictures of this cute crafts since
I can't bring it home with me to Sabah.

Yes, that's Joyce KinkyBlueFairy on the background.Say hi everyone! Hee :D

And smiles from the Mah Meri community of Carey Island.

Carey Island, this experience....
You have taught everyone, those who have visited you, at least I have,
that how important it is to preserved what we still have,
our culture and belief, these days almost dying, keep it forever and alive.

Another great trip meeting new people and going new places. :)

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