Monday, 31 August 2009

How lucky can I get?

I'm so lucky that my charms has not gone yet. At least in joining contest anyway. Had my ups and downs, but then again this is what I got so far.

from TongueinChic

Won a Aqmore Nail Polish set. This is probably the first prize ever I got from TiC.

A colourful funky shoes from Reebok. I actually won the Scarlett Johanssen range, but they ran out of stock for my size and I've agreed to accept this as a change.

I just got the Aqmore Nail Polish set & the Reebok shoes after my Carey Island trip with TiC, Elevyn team and Jen. Yeah, after so long, I finally get my stuffs! WoOhoO ;)

And daddy helped me to claim the Nivea voucher for me. love! :)

from Junk

I've tried several times winning chances here till now. At last they were kind enough to let me win the grand prize for the Channel V Merchandise.

Havaianas flip flops Channel V edition, Channel V tote bag, card holder & lanyard and CK One perfume for me ! <3 style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Channel V International

an instrumental Tosca cd all the way from Hong Kong. It's been a while since I last receive a parcel from overseas.

P/s : Happy Merdeka Malaysia! ;)

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I've Missed It!

Geez...I'm so sad coz I've been waiting to watched it but...Huhu...I actually missed my very own choices of songs on Channel V Playlist? Darn it!

The letter I got from Tommi Chan, Star HK.


A Shout Out from CHANNEL [V]'s The Playlist

Hi Eudora Maluna Manggala,

A big thanks for submitting an awesome playlist to CHANNEL [V]! Your personal playlist will go on-air on 26th Aug at 9PM HK/ 10PM MAL and be repeated on 27th Aug at 12:30AM HK/ 1:30AM MAL, 8:30AM HK/ 9:30AM MAL, 4PM HK/ 5PM MAL.

So keep your eyes peeled and ears open for your songs! Don't forget to check out for exciting new updates and contests!

Peace out,


Tommi Chan | Officer Music Talent Artist Relations | Channel [V] - General Hong Kong


But hey, maybe next time another playlist to come. ;)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


....and Featured!

A bit of recap from the past.

I gave Junk magazine some love last March & here is what they gave me in return. My so-called love letter was featured in the last April issue. ApriltheEditor told me about it and I managed to grabbed a copy of it during my trip to KL. Wheee! That was my first featured in a magazine ever.

Spot me in the magazine!
During the Breeze Magazine Readers Reap Rewards held at the CUBE restaurant. Can't exactly remember which magazine issue was it though.

I am such a magazine junkie! Hee :D

Friday, 14 August 2009

Portrait session, my first : 080809

...Yes, my virgin portrait session with an awesome photgrapher!

It was actually my 2nd time meeting her. Met her in one of my cousin's wedding reception earlier on.

Was really looking forward for my shoot that day since we had to postponed it last June. My oh my, that day finally came! Despite the hazy weather, we managed to do it in random locations. Too bad I didn't get my sunset shot though. But it was still a great day! :)

And I get to pose with the stuffs I won from as well.

While I'm waiting for my pictures from the potrait session with Anna-Rina, the photographer, who is based in KL right now, here's a little sneak preview....

and more here.

Can't wait for the rest of the pictures!