Monday, 26 October 2009


Life is great. Life is AWESOME when you have all those beautiful crazy people that you care are around you. And even when you can't have the privilege to go to some exclusive moment like rubbing shoulders with an F1 Champion, ahem not exactly but oh least u guys are closer meeting him rather than I, stucked here across the sea.

Nash asked me if I wanted a piece of Mika Hakkinen.
An autograph will do just fine for me. Thank you! :)

They, Elsa & Nash, are my eyes & ears for any events going on in KL since I can't be there! And I miss having them around already! You too Elmer!

Truly appreciate what we had and did.....twas AWESOME !
Let's do it AGAIN! ;)

P/s : It's my young brother's birthday today. Happy Birthday! :) Maybe it would be TRIPLE the fun having the other cousins here. But it was still great though. Well, next time.

Friday, 23 October 2009

I want free prints fom !

dear pOp....

I've got tons of pictures in my computer, which have been around for like ages... I've decided to give it try by winning this. Or maybe cause I've given up everytime I try to send it for printing. And since I love camwhoring too much, obviously I could not make a choice on which one to choose for an entry. Another reason why I should win this.

Or maybe this one will do...heehe ;p

Pick me, pick me ! ;)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

the land we stepped in

Leave nothing but your footprints behind.

As I make my very first step and move here, I can hear the sounds of nature surrounding me. I have always fallen in love with environment like this. And come to think of it, I don't mind leaving the hustle bustle city life for a while. Cause you learn to appreciate things more when you're around places with peaceful vibe. Was still on holiday & Monday was sure a beautiful one that day.

Not too deep inside the forest, we came to see our land, our property. The undeveloped. With a beautiful eye catching view filled with lushes greenery, far away escape from town, I have left my mark & hope I'll make a plan here someday.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Got Boobies ?

Pink is the official colour for October
. What I really meant was the Pink Ribbon. Why Pink? Pink Ribbon symbolizes the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. In conjunction with that, has come up and fully support by creating awareness among the society. Many still do not know the importance of doing a regular check up could actually save your life. The mission here is a friendly reminder to all of you especially young women (and men) to conduct a regular self breast examination. Got Boobies? Check them.

I have to say that I fully support this Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign cause I care.
I know we all do. Do you?
Let us come together, come on talk & don't be shy about it , spread the words & make a difference! :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I got some love for his birthday

It didnt took me that long nor think twice when I saw this.
Last 3rd of September, I finally had the opportunity to wrote this to you....

Utt dearest,

VJ’s I’ve seen the most, but nothing beat, goes my heart,
like what I felt, that you’re none like the rest, you’re sizzling hot, that I must admit, I just think you’re simply the best, and I love you to bits!

I might not have the power but if I could I wish you all the best in this world!

Happy Birthday with lots of love! ;)


And I had some sweet love in return.
An email & few weeks later came in all the way from Singapore.....

An air mail contain
a large poster of the sizzling American+Thai hottie.
Yeah, after all this years, I mean for a 30+ guy,
he still look greattttt!

Personalize autograph with a message for me,
how cool is that!
Love it, love it! <3
Teehe ;)

Thank you MTV Asia & VJ Greg Uttsada for making my day!
Cheers! :)

P/s : Happy Deepavali & have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Vote, vote for ESTRANGED ! :)

.....coz I've voted !
No surprise for that obviously. Hee ;)

Please help and spread some loveeeee for them.
Come on now, they need your votes!

Do click on the image below and
voila, you'll be linked to Junksounds page !

Sunday, 11 October 2009

We will miss u, Stephen Gately

I could not believe my eyes when I saw people were tweeting about your death. I felt I was dreaming for a while. And I was awaken by the news I've read on Times Online. The singer from one of my former favourite Irish band, Boyzone. The good looking blue-eyed who I have always fancy as a kid. I remember sticking pictures of him on my child hood scrap book that I still keep till this day. Who cares if you were gay? It does not matter anymore. You had that voice, the cute face. It saddens me why every talented man on earth have to leave us so soon.

Why don't you stay for a minute?
Gimme one more try
Stay with me, I'm falling apart!
Baby won't you stay for a minute?
Please don't stay goodbye...

-taken from Stephen Gately's song 'Stay'

I'll say a little prayer ......
Rest in Peace Stephen.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Raya Holidays : 200909

I thought I'd update this before I forgot how I spend Eid this year with my Muslim's relatives. On the 1st day of Raya, we went to Papar to visit our relatives, my mum's side as usual..

One of the things I looked forward to every year is to go back to my other side of family's village.As if all the yummy food waiting for me, rendang and ketupat are calling out my name. This is the time of the year where I get to gobbled up hot & spicy food into my innocent tummy without feeling guilty. As if I am the one who fasted the whole month. Cause being me, I seldom get to eat this kind of food and always munched on Chinese and Western ones instead. Yeah, really. :)

Truth to be told, I never actually had the chance to visit my grandfather's graveyard in a long time. The last one was the day he was buried. I was never that close to him but I felt that our Christmas Day celebration were never been the same without him celebrating it with us. Cause you know why? Reason being, he was actually born on Christmas Day.

After that, we went to the beach. The beach was called Pantai Manis ( translate : sweet beach ) which I thought were no longer a sweet one compared to those days. The place were not maintained, there were rubbish everywhere.

But still, it was a nice day, a good fine weather, to chill and enjoy the company of your loved ones. The air is just breezy! It's not all about the amount of duit Raya we get but instead appreciate another great Raya what matters most! :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

They're back!

The Backstreet's are Back!
Yes, I must admit that this has been one of my favourite boyband since I was 12 years old. Yikes, it's been that long! Hahaha ;p

Surprisingly, they all looked pretty good still. :)
The title is almost the same as their previous song 'Shape of My Heart' la.

and oh, here's another one that keeps repeating on my Youtube tab.
Could not embed it here, so here's the link : felt so good, as if I've met a former flame, a previous love. :D

Sunday, 4 October 2009

She better be great coz....

Recently, I've received yet another parcel from Hunghome, Hong Kong. Yeah, it is from the Channel V office. It came in a bigger size of box this time around.

Maybe because of the size of the large poster they gave me. And the cd actually came all the way from Great Britain before it landed in Hong Kong and Malaysia after that.

I didn't actually expected to win this as I'm clueless about this singer. But I was also curious about how a great singer she is. So gave it a try to win it and I did. Pure luck I guess. At least I was not disappointed. I could adapt to her music.

I got myself a signed cd & large poster of Emmy the Great from Channel V.
Thanks again Channel V ! :)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

BeaniPet 1st Birthday

They are counting down for their upcoming birthday and they want you to share their joy & happiness this special occasion. They have lotsa goodies to give away as weell. So what are you waiting for? Head down to BeaniPet right now & join in the fun! Hurry before it's too late! ;)