Monday, 30 November 2009

301109 : A single line or two...

A single line or two , could it makes a difference you may ask?
My morning's filled with a text of laughter from a distant ray of sunlight,
Couldn't be bothered if the evening hit me with a rock,
Cause I'm definitely feeling the beat of the rhythm till midnight.
For the Monday blues has gone way before I speak.

~Eudora M.M~

(This was an inspiration I got through my days of life)

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Summer Over Winter?

You got me grinning wide my dear. If that's what I really needed to tell you right now. It's cold, wintery weather and dark on the hilly side of mountain you adore. Lying on the grass, side by side, flowers running wild beautifully alive, even after all these years. I smell something cheesy. But it's alright, once in awhile I can't help it but smile.

Why do I feel like I'm having a nice dream when I'm not even asleep?
Something's telling me those combination of yours spelled out the word sexy.
People can say whatever they like, so what? I could care less......
Truth is He's always going to be my fantasy and the other seems so more to reality...

But the fact is both are equally the same than that someone who truly existed.
Are you out there?
I'm just saying.

Summer Over Winter?
I chose neither. :)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Little Maketo : Xmas Come Early Giveaway

This is probably last minute but what the heck. I'm just going to share what I have stumbled upon anyway. Coz I believe sharing is indeed caring right? ;)

Christmas is a time of sharing. The spirit of giving to one another. Another beautiful day to celebrate. So since Christmas is just few weeks away, Little Maketo has decided to give little something back. The owner Min is currently running a contest which unfortunately ends tomorrow. You can still join in coz there will be awesome prizes to be won and I bet you would not want to miss it for the world. I know I obviously wanted to enter. Hee ;p

I won't be saying much except that I need to persuade you to follow and click Little Maketo : Xmas Come Early Giveaway link for details now ! :)

Friday, 27 November 2009

A bowl of garlic

I swear I got the whole kitchen smell like garlic today.
A week from not cooking is making me wanting to be a chef at home again. I'm not exactly the typical domestic goddess or iron chef you may find, but hey I can't deny I love cooking so much. Making a mess on the kitchen sink with lots and lots of condiments. Playing with pots and pans. At least I did not get the stove burnt. I can cook decent portion of meals with not just some eggs & instant noodles. Sometimes I feel like being Nigella Lawson or Kylie Kwong already. Oh well, not quite that standard yet.

And since it's Thanks Giving and Eid Al Adha, a public holiday here in Malaysia, I say why not right? I tried cooking my own version of Garlic Rice, my usual Chicken in Rice Wine, vegetables and Japanese Tofu in Oyster Sauce for dinner. My attempt for Garlic Rice was not that nice though compared to the way Filipinos cook it. I need to get a secret recipe from them then. Any iron chef or awesome tita in Manila out there reading my blog? Hehe ;p

Just a simple dinner for the family. :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Admiring La Huerta Estate

After some time my days were filled with daily dosage of vitamins and exercise routine... And just when I thought I was fit enough already, I accidently skipped taking my vitamins for 2 days. The virus at work stormed all of us with coughing and influenza. I'm feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday.

But that does not stopped me from visiting interesting blogs. Yes, I've been blog-hopping again lately! As I've caught my eyes on Mimi & Karl's latest blog entry, it got me wishful thinking about tying the knot at this place called La Huerta Estate. Goodness, gracious it's siyempre maganda talaga naman ey! If only that's going to happen. :)

Image credit : La Huerta Estate

Blame her not if she falls in love completely with this place. At least admiring it through their blog and website makes me forget about my dreadful cough for a moment. *drools* Ha! ;p
Anyone willing to take me there once I set my foot in the Philippines again?


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kailangan kita

Kailangan kita, ngayon at kailanman, kailangan mo malaman at ikaw lamang......-Piolo Pascual

Oh my gosh, I missed this movie so much!
Gusto ko mag-blog some other things pero distracted na talaga ako ey.
I told myself I'd be in bed on time for a better beauty sleep but then my mission failed.
Plus , Aga Muhlach looks cute here. Slimmer than he is now that he is married. Heehe.

Sige, sige matulog na ako ngayon ;p
Nights xoxo

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

11.33 p.m

I'm feeling kind of sleepy at this hour. Cooling weather. Hugs the little Ikea pillow of mine while watching Tagalog movie I've been wanting to watch for weeks. Home alone tonight, I can't complain or say much. You know I love it like this. Falling in love. Without making out or kissing on the bed. Sex is not the issue here. But what I'm saying here is that silence is definitely golden. On a night like this, I heart the dark sky, when quiet times are needed....Loving the peace and serenity.

And just when I thought you've inspired me,
I found another one.
Don't know where the hell I picked up so many in a time.

Please excuse me while I rest this body of mine.
Heehe! ;p

Monday, 16 November 2009


It's been raining hell like alot lately, I am beginning to miss that perfect weather for even a day. I want to think that it helps by dreaming about summer days, living in a cottage somewhere far from home, maybe a vacation to Europe.

And with that I'd like to share something.....
There's this blog shop called 'Paperdoll'.

If you asked me, the word 'paperdoll' makes me reminisce of the paper cut dolls we girls used play with as kids. The cheap ones with different sets of dress design to choose. Those were the days! ;)

I'm not sure if you've heard about it, the shop, but it's gorgeous! A step into that online boutique reminds me of that I've traveled my way down to England in a day. Which unfortunately is a fantasy journey along. I have never been to their real shop before but just by entering their official site, makes me feel like I'm walking inside a big closet with chandelier and sweet pink wall surrounding. And they actually have a lot of dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories and jewelleries selling in their shop.

What I like the most about this blogshop is, the collection they have is too sweet for words. It is like you're dressing up like a doll, where the pretty dress hugs your waist and it fits perfectly on you. I just love the feel of a country, cottage summer style clothing to it.

If I had a chance to own one of those dresses in that shop, it would be this yellow dress shown below. Because it's my favourite colour, love the simplicity of that dress and yellow just cheer me up & thus it will make a brighter day going out with it.

Imagine you're wearing this, lying down on the grass and just talking about love. Sounds corny but Ahhh...pure bliss! :p

I bet you want one too right?
Hop on now to

Images credit : Paperdoll

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Talkabout: Dennis Lau's Diversify Album

Whilst sitting listening to 'How Blue The Sky' by Yuri Wong featuring Dennis Lau, I fellt the urge to write about the long awaited Dennis Lau's album. Which was recently launched in Peninsular Malaysia. Wished I was there to witness the event.

I don't quite remember when exactly I started to get to know Dennis and his music. But all I know is that I'm glad I've stumbled upon his humble blog while doing my usual blog hopping then. We both started with emails and fron then on, I've been following his updates on his music ever since. And although I've ever met him in person before, I could tell that he's a nice & friendly guy & his lady, Jane, must be very lucky to have him. :)

When I first found his album were going to be release through his Twitter, as a matter of fact Dennis was actually among my first few friends who added me on Twitter. Since I know the album won't be available here in Sabah, I decided to order one from his manager & managed to grabbed the last 2 copy! Aahhh...blessed! I finally bought myself a limited edition cd with an autograph included! Yay ! ;D

Received my cd a couple of weeks ago and I've been hooked to it night & day. Even my sister can't stop playing it on the player. It's oh so good, We can't say we're sick of it yet. Haha ;p

I've been listening to his songs in Youtube in the past with some other talented people as well. Just as I've expected, all the songs in album are awesome! Some songs are great for fine dining, just chilling and relaxing, very soothing on my ears while the others can make you groove and move your ass! Oops..heehe. Pardon me my words, I tend get a lil over reacted and excited when reviewing my favourite album. Honestly, I am not being bias or anything just because I got this.....

But it is true when I say that he's one talented young man and he is very passionate about music. And for that he deserved a credit for all his hard work. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to meet him or see him perform live one day, someday.

Oh, Dennis, congrats again on the new album! Cheers! ;)

Friday, 13 November 2009

Gives you hell !

I supposed I get to bed by now but then, I got tempted to blog again.

Today is Friday the 13th. Some believe that it's not a good date as something bad might happened. I never believe in that honestly. But something actually happened to me this morning. When I was at a coffee shop for breakfast, that was while I was reading my newspaper, there was this old man suddenly came to me with a very big-eyed & weird look and sort of like blabbing to me... I was like, *talking to myself* " OMG, is he mad or what?" The man must be crazy or something. Cause by the looks of it, you know how crazy people looks like, the messy hair, the whole outfit & stuff. He is indeed one! I was so shocked cause it was way too scarryyyy man! You get what I mean?

Luckily, that man ran away after I gave him that even bigger-scary-eyed-look. I swear my eyes are bigger enough and I probably look like an owl. Muahahahaha. *inserts evil grin* But this is true, am not making this up. I just hope it won't happened again. Ever. Period.

And it scares me to hell like the one incident where you've been chase by street kids begging you for money until they get it. That happened to me while I was visiting another country. Damn, freaking scary! Maybe cause it has never occured to me here before and am not really used to this situation unlike in some countries.

Screw today's Friday the 13th!
Booyah! ;p

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Late Night Notes

Seems like the days are moving way too fast these days.
Blogging at this hour has become a rare moment. I haven't been here that often anymore, no? My PC officially crashed again. So getting used to this teeny weeny mini laptop right now. I need to until I finally decided to get a new one.

Honestly, I miss writing stuffs here like I used to. Sharing what's on my mind and there I go blabbing about what's going on, what's happening with my life. But it seems that it's way too public to write about anything here. I've been busy with my work as well. A slave for designs I might say. Heehe.

I think I need more colours.
A bright,cheerful and never dull ones.
Maybe something flowery to spark things up.
Think happy, happy thoughts. :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

I've done my small bit... Have you?

Hey everyone! Just like to share something today....

The Pink Ribbon symbolizes Breast Cancer Awareness around the world.

In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and not forgetting Miss TLF's blog anniversary, they are holding a Rubi Compettition for everyone! There are also a Pink Ribbon Competition going on. Together with the rest of the community, Miss TLF fully support this campaign and by helping out, spreading news for the public to be more aware what's happening around & to be more concern about health. And I hope to play my part in telling and sharing with other people as well. :)

I've done my small bit... Have you?

Help me out here ...will you?
Let's do this together!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Revealing My Masquerade Play

Last September, I was one of the Winners of ASD Monthly Giveaway - September ‘09 !

The pretty white necklace that I've won...

Thanks to ASD & Lush Serendipity! :)