Thursday, 31 December 2009

So long, farewell ....

I bid thee farewell 2009, with open arms, for the many things you have bestowed upon me. The obstacles we humans had to faced in our daily lives. The hardships we had make us learn something important each day. Beautiful people around me, the strangers I met online and offline, family and friends, thank you for painting my life with fill colours. The past and present I cherished. I feel blessed for I am still alive with good health. I am still looking forward for the magical things that are yet to come true. Hope you were the one who puts the magic happens.

Whatever it is, I shall Thank you thee.

Let's just moved on.
2010, I welcome thee with wide hearts.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Party : 271209

Our belated Christmas open house started at noon with a luncheon party for friends at my family's residence. We invited only few friends and it was not a big crowd as we wanted to mingle with everyone while we prepare lunch.

At the evening, we had noche buena with the rest of my dad's side of family. We're missing cousins and my uncle who was unable to make it for the party this time around. Wished everyone were here to make it as a complete family reunion. And underneath the Christmas tree, there were presents, lots and lots of it, for the exchanging gifts. I was impatient. Waiting for the gifts. Even far more excited than the little kids.

Once or twice each year, we try our best to gather everyone as a family. As we grew, far or near, we tend to get busy with our own life. And more or often, we don't get to see much of each other anymore. Is not that we don't love, we do. But in our hearts we are one, for there is something about the saying, that blood is definitely thicker than water.

Food was alot that night and we had an awesome night! Having a nice cut of turkey meat with the company of great drinks. The usual catch up session where each person had their own story to tell and share.

While we were at it, we had plenty Christmas cookies which is beautifully wrapped in a small basket each. A basket full of yummy goodies!

The little ones were enjoying themselves with their paper and colour pencils . I even enjoyed the moment where some did not want to share their colours and started arguing over it. Ahhh...very typical! Kids! They make your day. Haha ;p
I love how colourful little Moses coloured his Junk picture. Brings out the happy, happy rainbow thoughts in me! This handsome young one just showed me he started his creativity young. I can tell. Heehe :D

I was over the top when I got this from the exchanging gift. A cute 3 pcs Breakfast Set from kuya Alfie. Very Christmasy indeed! Me likey :)

And more presents to sum up the gifts I got from everyone. Thank you po! Loving everything to bits! *hearts* :)

Ended the night and early morning with 6 beautiful voices and happy feet. Singing the once popular songs we all love and memorize. It felt so wonderful! Good times, good times.

And lastly, I hope it's not too late to wish everyone........

Tuesday, 29 December 2009 – as Easy as 1, 2, 3

If it wasn't for the tight budget I'm having, I would be a constant traveler today. I would travel across the globe where there is no mountain ain't high enough to conquer and no sea waves could dampen my spirit to see what it has to offer. I love travelling, I want to be around places of the world and experience the beauty of it, surely I can't deny it. I'm sure everyone too. Well who doesn't right?

Dear avid Malaysian travelers....
Are you planning for a getaway and want your travel plans to go on smoothly?

For me it has always been a hassle to go to the travel agents to book your flights and pick up your tickets there. Not to mention, traffic jams has always been that crazy during office hours. And just thinking makes me a little lazy to book my flights. I know there is always internet connection on you can do it either from your laptop or desktop. But what if you don't have any?

Fret not, cause did you guys know that Malaysia Airlines is making Malaysians fly the easy way?

Yeah, easy peasy you can even book your flight at the mamak stalls having roti canai while sipping your favourite teh tarik. As long as you're connected through a mobile phone that has internet connection, you will able book your flight! It's so convenient, like anytime, anywhere no?

And may I introduced to you:

Malaysia Airlines has recently launched the, a mobile web service especially for those who are always on the go and had no time to book flight, check in and the status of their booking on their laptops or desktop. You will be able to not only book your flight, you can check in and your choose your seat, call up to know for more information about your flight status and schedules. Life can't be easier as this. Aren't you tempting yet? I super duper *heart* technology and Malaysia Airlines now.

Right at this moment, I only wish nothing else but to fly.

Now, go on spread your wings and prepare to fly. Check through your mobile phone now cause it's as easy as 1,2,3 ! :)

Monday, 28 December 2009

3.33 a.m

3.33 am now, so sleepy and knackered. Could not hold my eyes any longer. Just finished a one day belated Christmas party at my family residence. Honestly I haven't stay awake at this hour for such a long time since it happened. I'm used to it before. But that truly changed.

Okay why didn't I tweet about this instead?
Since it's short and sweet?

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Lace Up, Save Lives

Boxing day at work surprised me with a little something. For the wait has finally ended after few weeks. I found this on my table...The parcel has arrived today! I got a small box of free Nike(Red) shoe laces.

In support of the World AIDS Day, I tweeted this on the 1st of December 2009 :
Spread the love #laceupsavelives and support the World Aids Day with Nike and @femmething

and gave this to me for free! Whee I heart freebies! :)

Gorgeous red in colour that I love! <3

P/s : Gonna call it a night for a big day coming up tomorrow.
It's going to be another loOong day. Later peeps! ;)

Friday, 25 December 2009

One Day at Christmas Time

Been singing to the tunes of Sa Araw Ng Pasko by All Star Cast and other favourite Christmas songs these past few days. Since I'm working on Christmas Eve, last minute gifts wrapping & buying, and I'm working Boxing Day as well, listening and singing actually helped me a lot in the spirit of Christmas and get the mood going. It's a bit frustrating when you have lots to do and working on Christmas Eve. I survived.

So my Christmas wishes from friends & family starts as early 12+ a.m.
Guess who's the 1st one to wish?

Slept at about 2 a.m but I had to woke up early for morning mass at church. After church around noon, with tons of gifts for the mum's side of family and head back to her hometown.

This year, part of the family members werent around. But it was still fun none the less. Children enjoying the games prepared for them and I just had to share that I have a new born 5 day old baby boy cousin. He's so ang cute cute talaga ey! :) There was simply too much for everyone, karaoke and catch up session...yeah the usuals and mostly what everyone love, beers and Baileys ! Talk about the booze! Alcohol just keep the party and us going. A lil headache hit me as I'm typing this. ;p

And part of Christmas that I love is to give and received.

Showered with gifts all wrapped up with all sorts of colours. It does not matter whether it's huge or small, cheap or expensive ones. I love it when it comes with sincerity and a big heart. The package of love and care that reaches me the most. Oh yes, I love presents! :) But maybe It does not even have to be in a a bear hug for instance? Heehe ;p


All I want for Christmas like really want is something worth having, not exactly perfect but it could last for lifetime. I haven't got what exactly I want just yet.

Did you get what you want?

Oh, oh, oh.....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! xoxo

Thursday, 24 December 2009

It's 1.21 am, Christmas Eve

It's 1.21 a.m. I'm wide awake but yet so sleepy. This happens when you actually had too much food on a late midnight supper. Screwed my sleeping time, but for a good reason. Plus, I'm working later which is work starts in a few hours time. Uhhh...oh. Can't complain much though. I'll be on leave next week till next year! *skips with joy* ;)

Nevertheless, I am happy! Because you know why? Just came from the airport hours ago and my daddy's home! That's something I'm looking forward to. :)

And oh, I can't believe it Christmas Eve already!

I'll better get to bed now.


Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Wishlist

Let me share you about something.

Did you girls know that YSK has an ongoing series of contest that's called The Big Bang? It's here like finally happening. I'm all hip and hype to tell. What's the buzz about it? Do read on...

This will actually be the First Bang which is "The Wishlist".

So the first contest,
Truth to be told, I had a difficult time choosing the 3 items available in How2Shop. Reason was, there had like tonnes of stuffs that I bet you guys will go jaw dropping! Heehe. Tell me who could resist nice bags, wallets and other merchandise that are 100% authentic, branded and has superb quality? I know I would not. Yeah, no matter how much I hate to admit it. Heehe :D

This maybe my Christmas Wishlist.
If I had the chance to choose and own those items, it will be :

1) Victoria's Secret Ultimate Make-Up Kit

If you ask me why? It's part of a ladies essential tool and kit in beauty. Every girl should agree what I'm saying here, right? It's like every girls dream no?Not everyone is blessed with natural beauty, so in order to be, one has to paint their face with colours. You do not want to walk on streets or shopping malls with ugly barenaked face do you? So a real proper make-up kit like this will do for me. This will also be great to bring on travels too. With awesome shades of colours to choose from, you know you'll look good and walk with confidence with Victoria Secret's today! ;)

2) Flora by Gucci Perfume

I *heart* Gucci. No, let me rephrase that "I absolutely adore Gucci!" :) Flora by Gucci, has nice, simple packaging and bottle but still has the elegant and extravaganza feel to it. First appearance and impression matters. Yes, even the little bit of it counts. I would love to have this cause I think floral fragrance suits my taste. The smell of flowers makes you smell so good, feel refreshed and awake that I bet could last an entire day.

3) Coach Legacy Multicolor Stripe Tote

Oh, my gosh! *screams in excitement* This bag has multiple, like alot of colours! I'm all in for anything bright. So typical me! Great companion to start off a mundane life and day....It will be my shopping buddy if I ever get this. Handy, spacious and roomy is yet another story to tell and it has ring to hang the convenient especially for someone who always misplaced her keys in her own bag. Haha ;p All in all, a woman can have too many bags no?

Want to know more? Visit YourShoppingKaki now! Go, go, ale, ale ! :p

Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Last of 4 Candles

As we light up the last of four Advent candles, we realize that the birth of Christ or Christmas is coming very, very soon. Malapit na. :)

Christmas came slow for me this year. Didn't do much of shopping. Still thinking of something if I can get a last minute gift for everyone. I'm working on an simple artwork especially for Christmas which I hope I can publish on this blog on time. And I didn't even have time to send Christmas cards, like again. Aahh..speaking of it, I am feeling kind of sad cause this year, there's no real, not even one Christmas card came in my postbox. Modern technology is too much for me sometimes, I missed the old tradition, handmade or hand-written cards I used to received each year. *sigh* But whatever it is, Christmas doesn't mean anything without prayers and to be prepared spiritually. It's not all about the presents you get. It's the heart that matters.

Always remember that He is the reason for the season.


And on my daily upadate :

Spend the half-day of Sunday after church going gift hunting at 1Borneo with the family. And the rest of the evening doing some grocery shopping with the siblings. Later on the day, we went to Lembah Impian's Bakery House to try out some delicious cakes and caramel pudding! I heart that place...I just love what they did to that place! It's even more beautiful and has more facilities than the last time. :)

Till the next post.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Ask me anything

The Blonde and Her Red Lipstick

Yay, my parcel has arrived!
Another one from Channel V Hong Kong.

Three cds in a year and few other merchandise from Channel V! How amazing is that ? Makes me love them more! *hearts*

My Madonna Celebration cd came with a poster inside.
The envelope were crumpled and makes the poster as well but the thankfully the cd were in good condition. Although the poster weren't personally autographed by the singer herself or anything but I was happy enough for the free limited edition goodies. :)

I remember growing up listening to songs like Material Girl, Like A Virgin and La Isla Bonita when I was a teeny-weeny kid. Dancing up and down while singing using the microphone trying to imitate Madonna. She has this blonde hair and red lipstick and has a style of her own. A talented singer & dancing queen, famous super-duper glamorous star I think every girl dreamt to be just like her. She's such a fashion icon too.

So knowing her music for such a long time, till it got me reminisce my past, childhood memories, and it hit me that I'm no longer that young anymore. Madonna's age has proven it. It kills me. Yes, I am an 80's child but I'm proud of it. I am no t afraid to admit it too.

This might get me thinking of Celebration by playing my new Madonna cd. What I love about this album is that it's like a great combo meal, a mix of past and present to satisfied your taste bud. Ooh, it's so classic!

Who's up for it?
Care to join me? Just anybody? I ought to get myself a blonde wig or something! Haha. Okay, okay crazy thoughts. Kthanxbye. ;p

Friday, 18 December 2009

Glisters_and_Blisters Scarf Blog Giveaway!

Hey ladies!

The beautiful Michelle of Glisters and Blisters whom I knew from reading her article's on Tongue in Chic website, from Jakarta, Indonesia is having a scarf giveaway until today!

What special about it is that she handmade it with her own creation. So whoever wins it will be wearing a one of a kind scarf by Michelle ! So what are you waiting ? You still have time and head down over at Glisters and Blisters Blog Giveaway page now! ;)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Day it Was 151209

It's been 2 days of half-day without electricity at work. Just when I thought I could rush some of the piles of printing wanted to be done this week, it goes ka-poof! And it doesn't help much with a wet, wet Tuesday weather as well. Ahhhh....reasons for the lazy bone! Well, I have a reason. I have a good one....I can blame it on the Christmas mood, no? Whatever ;)

Lunch hour was on Twitter got me a bit worried about my friends at the other country. Praise the Lord for the 'galing superstar' updates! Let's see if I could get an exclusive autograph. Gimme, gimme. Haha ;p

And when the dark sky came.....

Just had a bunch of carolers here at my place hours ago. Joining in the singing while the carolers sang and strums their guitars. Haven't had this in a long time. Missed it for sure. Red and white, lighting candles with stars are brightly shining throughout the entire night. Chilly but no rain. God gave us a perfect weather after the thunderstorm. What a beautiful sight it is! :)

Friday, 11 December 2009

That Bloody Affair

The whole body of mine was shivering while trying to finish my chicken balls inside the cup. Dressed with a cardigan and legging was not that enough for me. Reddish blood came splashing all over suddenly like fountains. I can almost feel it. As if it tasted like the chili sauce that I was enjoying. Doesn't feel that tempting though. Not anymore. The blood I meant. Call me a retired vampire if you want. I'm into something more now.

My eyes got stucked. I was so engrossed to the big screen at the cinema, I didn't even touched half of this, the sweetness of a box of caramel popcorn just the way I like it! Why? I amazed myself sometimes.

What happened?

That particular night I slept with Rain.
It was dark and cold for sure, but it was not raining though. Twas an affair in my dream.

I have to say this though,
Ninja Assassin was bloodily f*ckin' awesome ! :)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Giveaway : Colors City

Hey all !

How's everyone doing preparing for Christmas celebration? I bet everyone's been busy searching for the right & great gifts for their family and friends at this moment. I'm sure all of you are in the Christmas mood and while you're at it, don't forget to share some love and care for the those in need aights?

And I love it when everyone's being so generous!
With that I like to share something related to Christmas.... A giveaway! :)

Since Christmas is coming really soon, the owner of Colors City blog shop gets to play an early Santa Rina. Heehe ;p As a token of appreciation to everyone who has been dropping by and show their support, Colors City has a giveaway contest that everyone can join in the fun! Remember, they have cute lil things to offer that are so irresistible. So why wait? Hop on and click Christmas Giveaway 2009 for details right away! ;)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Weekenders : 4th & 5th December

Dinner last Friday was at Frenz Cafe in Lintas again. Starving and not wanting to taste yet another same meal on the menu, I had this on my mind. So I ordered Beef Hungarian Goulash With Rice. It tasted rather ordinary to me but I'd like to say how juicy & tender the meat was. And it maybe took a long time for them to cook it. I'm not complaining though.

And since we didn't get to catch the Carol's Candlelight on time in Marina, Sutera Harbour yesterday, we managed to grabbed some pies and sandwich to finished our coupons though. Best friend was there as well. Was happy to see him. :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Lil things that matter

Stumbled upon this, an old picture of my 2 lil cousins, Ayra & Isaac at my picture folder and I decided to upload it. Just saw them at my uncle's place just now. Having fun & playing in bubble bath...How cute! :) They were growing up too fast and it had made me realize how time flies. Little innocent kids can make my day! Part of life that matters.

And wishing someone's birthday from across the sea. My ever so talented guitarist rockstar friend. It matters too.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Journey of Advent

Image credit : Hangad Online

Today I'm going to share my journey towards advent season. While browsing and blog-hopping, I found this song by Pasko Naming Hangad through their official website Hangad Online.

Where You Are - Various Artists

I'm not sure if they update this site anymore, but looking at the old albums and cds makes me so tempted to purchase one.If only they can do shipping from the Philippines to Malaysia. Heehe ;p

"When I find myself lost deep in the night,
all I'd do is look up into the desert sky,
and a star so bright will be my guide to where You are.
The only place I want to be is where You are."

Ahh ....I'm loving this song so much! :)
Happy Advent from me to you!