Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dear Alice,

I'd like to share to my lovely readers something about you today.
Something that I've always wanted to tell how
I feel about you that makes my day.
So much to help me feeling happy & gay, along the way!


When I first knew you, you were this cute innocent baby who is still learning to walk, one step at a time. A little girl named Alice who lives in the Wonderland. She love bags so much. And that's when started. I actually got to know this blog shop from a post I saw on Tongue in Chic website.

Need a bag?
Look no further! the fashion wonderland offers a wide range of bags. From carryall totes, designer inspired, laptop bags, casual fabrics, slings & pouches, vintage inspired, classic corporate, shoulder bags, evenings & clutches to bag accessory. But that was before. Those days when I first became their frequent visitor and eventually ended up being their customer as well. Honestly, I love shopping at Alicewonders because of it's good service and awesome quality too. They actually have a cool blogazine, sort of a blog and magazine combination for readers. Besides, you'll get a discount voucher every time you shop, isn't it great? Perfecto! *hearts* :)

And it's hard to resist not to take part in all of their giveaways and promotions. Although, I must admit it's not that easy to win. Heehe :P
Since girls can get enough of bags and everything nice, has decided to add clothing to their business as well.

Want a dress/one piece?
They got what you have been looking for :

  • Day Dresses
  • Cocktail Party
  • Maxi & Long
  • Classic Corporate
  • Shorts & Minis
  • Jumpers & Overalls
Or maybe tops?

  • Day Casual
  • Chiffon & Casual
  • Tunics
  • Tanks & Tees
  • Jackets & Cover-Ups
Perhaps a bottom?
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Long Trousers
  • Skirts
Oops, did I forgot to mention accessories?

  • Belts & Clinchers

Just by searching and browsing those pictures at makes it oh so tempting for me to purchase it and salivating over the goodies over there! :) Aren't you tempted yet? Head down to their website and prove me wrong! Hehe :P

You can even visit their showroom at:
F16, 1st Floor (Beverly Collections)
Centerpoint Bandar Utama


You won't regret it, I promise! :)

*All Images Credit :

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oops, I got dat lucky charms! (again)

Yeah this time...More winnings for me! :)

First of all, I got my bag hook from the previous post of Got Boobies? Campaign from And since it's for breast awareness campaign, I won & got a pink one. :)

Do you remember my post that I wrote here ? Yeah, that rather long blog post that I wrote for Paperdoll boutique. I eventually got my hands on the lovely yellow dress that I wanted! I won it as a Christmas gift for myself, came a bit late but still loving it! They even wrote a lovely letter for me! Wheeeee! :D

And when I entered the ASD Monthly Giveaway- Dec'09 Part I and I think I wrote something cheesy for Kish on the Chic , not going to mention here coz it's too mushy for words, even for just 30 words!(hahaha :P) & won myself the 1st prize! Worth the cheesy-ness though! :)

Thank you lucky charms again! I'd say it's a blessing!
*big grin*

Friday, 29 January 2010

Passing by....

Passing by through the late Friday night. I wish I got more time to update on weekdays. But I eventually got tired every night from the distraction that got into me lately. I think you guys know what I mean right? Heehe. :D

Just checking and wondering if everyone's doing okay.
How's everyone from around the world? Hope life's treating you all well and healthy even when there are times you felt like killing yourself and as if the world is dying. Go and live through it! :)

To everyone who has been constantly paying a visit here in my blog, Thank you!
I'd like to say how I appreciate the thoughts and comments from you readers and can't thank you enough. Please continue visiting me here.

Gotta catch my beauty sleep now!
Till then xx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I'm trying to forget you, I'm addicted to you!

Of late, I've been doing nothing but somethng. Sometimes I even wonder if I'm so into this, that something, I'd forget about that certain things I wanted to let go, vanish and fade away. I've been doing this for about a week now and I'm still on it. I'm not sure when or will it ever makes me sick & tired of it. Will I ever be? Hmmm...

"I'm trying to forget you, I'm addicted to you!"

If you know me that well, I'm sure you'll understand.
I just want to scream my lungs out, if that's okay with you.

It's a pure addiction.
Just like how caffeine makes me high.

I'm addicted to karaoke/videoke or whatever they call it.
Plus, I think I got the 'LSS' ! Oops! :P

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Painted the town red

On the 13th of January 2010, Kuya Roger treated us dinner at Kenny Rogers. Since Kenny Rogers had a promotion on that day only and those wearing anything red will get one free meal, so we all decided to wear red outfit that day! There's a few outlet here in Kota Kinabalu but we went to Centre Point's branch. :)

Food wasn't that great that night seriously. It's just me or what?I don't know why. The chicken sauce was a bit dry. And the part where they had to make a replacement for the vanilla & chocolate muffins we've ordered to ice creams. Is not that one could not be happy when served ice cream, it was delicious, but I was looking forward for those muffin that night. It's not that I'm really that fussy or something nor I had a lot to complain about. Maybe it was because of the promotion and they had too much customer to entertained. Maybe it's just another perks of going on a promo day. ;)

I managed to finished half of my plate despite that dry sauce & because my tummy was already full & the portion was too big for me. Gotta say that I enjoy every sip of the mango juice I had.

Food aside, nothing beats chilling out at night with a great company of loved ones. Chatting, camwhoring, Twittering & Facebooking and et cetera in between starving stomachs waiting. We had fun none the less. Hahaha ;p

Missing in the picture is my youngest brother who were there at night as well.

Yes, we painted the town red, or at least the restaurant red. :P
Thanks again Kuya Roger! :)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Reunited and it feels so good!

I felt like I've been missing in blogosphere for a long time now. But not quite. Despite the lazy mode I've been having the weather and all, and the ones I've mentioned in the previous post, I was actually busy with something. Something that means so close to my heart. I could not resist about falling in love once more.

You have always be my lover,
Everything about you does matter,
Today, I received your letter,
Saying that you'll be in town later,
Surprised, I never thought I saw you sooner.

Just like a true love story, I've got reunited with an old flame of mine.
Amazingly, that flames of fire is still burning. There is a torch that lights up the darkness of the cave in the heart.

Guess I have never once stopped the beat, how much I heart you.

This was the real reason for why I've been away from the computer screen....

Karaoke session at home.
The microphone is mine, all mine! :)

Can you guess what song I'm singing? ;)

Last Saturday, before watching the Spy Next Door, me and sis, cuzzy Elsa and boyfriend & their friend from KL went for a karaoke session at a shopping mall before the movie start. I was having so much fun and I felt as if the microphone was mine alone. Greedy I know. But I didn't. I shared. The thing is I love singing my lungs out. I always wanted to try to be able to go up on the stage alone someday (if only I can get rid of my fear for stage) . Shy....I don't know if I'll be able to face the public too. So in the mean time, I got to practice my skill and hit the notes. Yeah, the right, high and low keys! ;p

Even if my favourite magic Extreme videoke set seems not working,
that didn't stop me till today since, I got stuck to the other karaoke set still.

Yeah, call me crazy if I know each and every song on the menu! ;D

....Reunited and it feels so good!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

NYE'09 + Pink'sDay

I know it's a little late to post this but I figured it's better late than never right? My new year's eve at my uncle's place and we celebrated my Ate Pink's birthday. Why Pink? Coz that's her favourite colour! She's not wearing pink that night though. Hehehe :P

Since I'm in a kind of in lazy mode right now, here's 2 pictures to share.

Ate Pink and niece, Madie cutting cake. :)

My nephew, Little Mike and cousin Moses.

Ok, think that's it.
Till then <3

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Kailangan ko sunshine ngayon!

There were times where I wanted so much bliss being with you. To able to stay with you throughout the day, the whole day without doing nothing. Yes,  simply nothing. The times where I can truly be umm, call me someone selfish or anything. I'll do what it takes to have our time, my own sweet time with you. 

But not this few days though. 

It's been unpredictable me saying  that I had enough. It is not you I have in mind. You got me swept and weak on my knees, it used to, but not anymore.Being so comfortably cosy around you gets me a little too cold inside and oh well, outside too. Things changed. Jackets are too thick for me. When I much prefer bikinis instead.

Kailangan ko sunshine ngayon!
Yes, I really need sunshine right now!  ;)

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I'm attracted to you!

I can't believe I actually wore three layers of clothing today. The weather was so cold, I felt as if it's winter on a summer country. It's been raining for 2 whole days now. Honestly, I wish I could stay in bed the entire day but too bad I had to work after taking a leave yesterday. I just love my vintage jeans jacket. Kept me warm in cool places every time! Plus the sentimental value counts. *hearts* :)

And since it was a lazy day for me, I prefer cooking simple meal instead of three to four course of meal. So I had Stir-fried Macaroni with Chicken & Vegetables on my mind, go ahead and cooked it. Nyummy! :)

That's it. The bed and weather makes it so inviting for me to lay down on. And oh yes, I'm attracted to you , MY BED! :p

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Life is Good

Was out with the sisters again just now.

I was broke but she managed to convinced and even succeeded to drag me out from the house. It's a weekday and I'm usually the lazy-bum-after-work . I know right, how anti-social am I. But since it was on her, I'll be gladly to join them. Heehe :P

Wanted to blog with the wi-fi at San Francisco Coffee in City Mall just now but time didn't allowed me to. It's a rainy night and all we wanted was a nice spot to have some bonding time between us sisters. And not to mention, a good drink to accompany the chatterbox in us. While I was on Youtube, with Christian Bautista's songs, we were enjoying ourselves catching up on stuffs and everything, I swear we were so loud, it annoy the hell out of the guy sitting just behind us. Oopsie! I ordered my favourite Vanilla Affogato as usual but sadly, it doesn't taste right. I still prefer Starbucks. I thought I was being pathetic but even my sisters said their drinks tasted the same as mine. I don't have too much to complain though, cause all we need is a caffeine fix...that's it! :)

Right now, I can still feel that strong smell and taste of it. I had a feeling that it's going to be a long night and it's going to screwed up my bed time ! It's okay, I haven't feel like this in a while.

I know it's crazy but why am I hearing those familiar songs that you used to like?
Can I blame the coffee, or was it just a coincidence?
Michael Buble, a cuppa coffee and me is pure love.
You can call us soul mate. :D

Life is Good. (that's San Francisco Coffee's tagline! ;p)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday Live!

Saturday night reporting live to you from my humble crib here in Sabah. Oops, I forgot! It's not a talk show or something. :p

*changes to a more different and suitable mode*

I screamed this silently in my heart, "It's the weekend again!"
Cause apparently for me, I only got 1 and a half day off from work. And weekend came a wee bit too late. Ya, that's buhay (life) for me!

I'm contemplating about joining the to qualify myself for the awards due to some reason and the blogger ambassador for a blog shop but the benefits of it is oh-so-tempting! Should I or not I? That is the question. Hmmmm.....*thinking hard*

But oh, well...

Nothing beats Saturday night chilling with tons of music on the laptop, a good movie, maybe a decent book or piles of magazine to kill time? A good drink or two to add. Or probably squeeze in some me,myself and the OPM videoke (it's called 'karaoke' here in Malaysia) own time to practice my-not-so-good voice which will most likely end up in a stormy weather at my place. I'm just saying though. Hahaha :P

This afternoon, went for a friend's wedding reception and I totally regretted for being such a freak, I blame myself for being a forgetful person for not bringing my camera batteries along. Just when I thought I could capture the moments of his beautiful day, I forget the most important thing. Dang! But I was happy that I get to attend and that he finally found the one he wants to spend the rest of his lifetime with. Like finally! Wonderful wedding reception I must say, full of colours and happy people around. Or was it the booze? Okay, I kid! ;p Congrats again M & L ! :)

Live and out!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

What if my love was true....

Having few ride on that Spaghetti Guy's journal adventure last year *ahem* and home-cooked one quite often, I couldn't help it but add one day wanting to have another portion of spaghetti on my plate. Dinner time was good. Although I much prefer home made ones, that does not mean I'm not up for tasting the ones at restaurants and cafes. I have a personal favourite here, which I think I'll blog another day. I hope to try out some fancy Italian cuisine, maybe going for an adventure in another country perhaps? *fingers crossed*

I love it with my mint leafs! So what? ;p

And for snack, I'm loving my Pusit & Dilis,
sweet and crispy the way I've always love it! :)

What if my love was true after all?
For the love of this kind of food, the spaghetti the most! :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Gimme Some Sugar

First day of work in 2010 apparently turned out to be fine after all. Eventhough I must admit that sometimes I wish the holidays with loved ones would not end that soon. If you noticed, I've said it twice, once on the previous post. But I was so high in spirit to make my work more organize and efficient this year. Yeah, first thing first, this week alone has to be all about filing the paper work. Then proceed to even more other assignments. I can do this. I know I can.

Okay, why am I even talking about work now? Heehe. :D

Truth is, I wanna dance to the song by HitCafe played on my Playlist 7 tab, oh wait, that's the song title as well. I got sugar rush, hush, hush. Dancing like no one's watching. Shake it, shake it baby! Mad, mad sweetness hit me til I got the sister laughed out. Her legs still hurt, she must be jealous staring at me doing my every move on a night like this. Pity her, she had to deal with me being silly again. ;p

Shouldn't I be Sugarfree, since I adore 'em?
Nope, I don't think so, at least not now.
I'd say, "Gimme Some Sugar! "
Oh wait, maybe more of it please.
I'm all hyped up, so help me God!
I can hear someone saying I ought to get diabetes already.

Oh, sugar, sugar! :)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

3rd day of the new year

Was on Twitter couple of hours ago, and I tweeted this: eudoraluvart seeking some inspiration. I'm needing a writer's unblock. Where did u get that creative juice flowing? :)

And while I was at it, @estrangedband twitter lead me to listening songs at , I somehow ended up with a short blog post.


Third day of 2010 already?

It's moving faster. It waits for no man. We got to live like we are dying somehow. I'm not just talking about time but everything here. At this time of writing, I'm beginning to hate airports, departure halls as much. I must admit it's hard to let go the word goodbye sometimes. But at this point, do we even have a choice?

After a week or so, all those partying with everyone that I love ends tonight. I shall count the days to be with you guys again soon. Work starts tomorrow with a full swing mode. Another Monday, the first one in 2010 at work which will probably end up not looking blue after all. But some cheerful colours perhaps? Hopefully with a new hope and resolution. I'm planning to clear my desk before work begins. And most of all, I ought to kick those bad habits. Heehe. We shall see about that tomorrow.

Wish me luck!
No late night for me tonight!
Nites :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

9Cousins Day Trip :291209

It's a new year, a brand new start for a new beginning.Does it mean I got to have more new cloths and new shoes, and yada, yada everything new as well ? :) Okay, okay maybe I should stop emphasizing the word 'new' right now.


Wanted to post about my new year's eve but then, I think I should write a snippet of what's happening on our cousin's day out instead. For now, the other post have to wait. :)

With baskets full of food and drinks, our bag of cloths, we, the 9 cousin's went for a day trip to Hutan Lipur in Kawang. Like any preserved forest, we were not allowed to take a bath at the waterfalls. So we decided to take photos instead. We had spaghetti, nuggets, spring rolls, sandwiches and soft drnks, chilled just the way we like it, for lunch. And surprisingly, the food was too much for us again. Then walking our way up to the waterfall after that hearty lunch. We managed to reach there but I swear we were sweating like buckets full! *gasp* I seriously think we should all need more training in our stamina. Heehe. ;p

After several potrait sessions and jump shots, and not to mention swimming in the pool, later on that day we went to Lembah Impian to get some mango and caramel puddings! *hearts*

Gingerbread house at Lembah Impian...I like! :)