Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chap Goh Mei

Outside the window of mine, there's sounds of loud fire crackers bursting up in the air. Almost got me a little bit of heart attack while I was doing my exercise just now. But thank God I didn't. Seeing that beautiful colourful patterns of fire crackers makes me excited like a kid. Just that, I had a feeling that it ain't going to be easy sleeping early tonight. It's the end of the Chinese New Year celebration today. Chap Goh Mei, they say it's a Chinese Valentine's Day. Despite what I say about the weather on Plurk and Twitter, I still LOVE Sunday! :)

This will also mark the finale of my long weekend, it's bittersweet love.

I'm not sure why, pero I could still hear this chorus playing on my head while I'm typing this.

"And as we go on, we remember,
all the times we had together,
And as our life's changed,
Come whatever,
We will still be, friends forever."

Emo much? Could this be the effect from the slowwww internet connection?
Vitamin C, think I need you more often. :P

Friday, 26 February 2010

Finding 'The Place'

Being me, I am always in the search for good food, good ambiance and entertainment. Somewhere or somehow that could satisfy my taste bud, my growling stomach. I'm always patay gutom or in other words, dead hungry.

I am a food lover. Be it any kind of it. If you're going for a food trip adventure, I'm game, let me know and I'm surely up for it! Across border? If only my budget allow me to! Haha :P

Since I'm always craving for the food that I actually miss the authentic ones back in the Philippines 2 years ago, here at my hometown in Sabah, which we actually had tons of it....a restaurant that serves Filipino cuisine.

I have found 'The Place'.

I wouldn't consider 'The Place' a fully Filipino eatery since they serve something like Japanese food or like that & Western food as well. Plus it is a Halal place or they don't serve pork. But there is always alcohol beverage like San Miguel beer (my fave! haha :P) just in case you feel like having some booze for the day!

I've never been to their outlet in Api-Api Centre, but this is how it is at the location in Karamunsing. I like the cosy feeling to that place. Not too big and not too small, just nice is probably the best word to describe it. I would say that this is 'The Place' to chill and hang out with a small group of friends. Sing your heart out or play a game or two at the pool table while having your food and drink. That's what I would probably love to do next time. :)

Part of the interior

What's Up there?

Iced Lemon Tea

Milk Fish or Bangus


3 Course Meal, Good for 2 ready to be gobbled up! :P

All in all, food was great and I had nothing much to complain about except for my sister's peach tea which would have tasted better. I didn't took a picture of it though. Was too distracted and got too focused on the food! Hah! ;)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Rawrrrin' Chinese New Year 2010

The Chinese New Year celebration is one of the most anticipating event (other than Christmas that is) that I look forward to every year. Since I'm the happiest when it comes to holidays, it's also the longest break I'll be having off from work. That is what you get working with a Chinese company.

Unlike the year before, this year, my reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve were complete with my parent's and my siblings and cousin Elmer around. And I was the one who prepared dinner. But I didn't get to take pictures though.

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year which also marks Valentine's Day, Dad cooked us dinner. It's been awhile and honestly I miss his cooking. It was a simple home-cooked meals pero it was certainly the the best V-Day & CNY dinner ever! And since I was missing and craving for yee sang, we had it on the day itself. I enjoy lifting it up high and mix it with a pair of chopstick with the rest of the family! *big grin*

Our 1st Chinese New Year Dinner

Yee Sang!
Don't you just love the colours on the plate?
I don't know about you. I know I do. And it tasted great too! :D

Second day of Chinese New Year, family and relatives dinner at my uncle's place. Some members of the family couldn't make it this time, more than last year but we did have a nice quality time together. I just love dinner party at a garden! And the best part was like last year, we had those dragon and a few lion dance and not forgetting, ang pows! Heehe :D

I don't have a lot of pictures cause I arrived late. Had to rushed my dinner before the lion dance performance starts. But food was great none the less. I had beer to keep me go through the night. Haha :P

Actually wanted to share how was the lion dance.
I tried uploading the video just now.
It was so slow & kept failing to upload. So I gave up.

That was it.
My Chinese New Year celebration in a flash.

How was yours? Hope you enjoy this festive season.
Happy Chinese New Year all & have a rawrrin' one this year! ;)

Back to work again tomorrow. Reality check! :P

Friday, 19 February 2010

It's you, it's you....

When you woke up at the wrong side of bed this morning, you get cranky and mad over small things. When it get a little bit mundane on your side, you wish you could paint it with colours and salsa the whole morning away as if tomorrow never comes.

And in this crazy life, through this crazy times, it's you, it's you, you make me sing, your every line, your every word, your everything...

Maybe all I ever need is you, ISTAK.
a non-alcoholic Malta beverage from Iran.
I love you for your awesome taste of fruity flavours! Best serve chilled! :)

My favourite flavour?
Everything is good but I have to say Apple 'cause it tasted similar to Anglia's Shandy. Heehe :D

There she goes again.
Listening too much of Michael Buble's songs. :P

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Colossus Cafe, in a nutshell

Colossus Cafe & Bar, a newly open air cafe located in Asia City is actually at the same location as the former Pirate's Bar. Serve both local and Western cuisine and they serve no pork.

For those who are staying in Sabah, especially those in Kota Kinabalu area, or maybe if you are planning to come and visit Sabah soon, do come and check out my sister's friend and her fiance's cafe here in Asia City.

Are you bored, sick and tired of the same old place?
Want to chill and have a new place to hang out with your friends?
With wide selection of good food and drinks and good music to accompany, I'm sure you would want to try out what's on their menu. Do drop by and pay a visit today! :)

Last few weeks, I had the opportunity to try out some of the food there.

Of few cooling drinks and chit chats, and not to mention, a few clicks here and there, we had this.....

I like the taste of the food there cause not only it's delicious, the portion is just nice and filling too. The pricing is quite affordable especially for those who wants to have Western food.

Chicken Chop

Fish and Chip

Sweet Sour Fish and Rice


Colossus Cafe
Opening Business : Tuesday - Sunday
Operation Hours: 6pm -1am

For more enquiries you may email to the owner at addressing to Denis (Director) or Karen (Marketing Manager)

Or you can even check out Colossus Cafe Facebook page here :!/group.php?gid=282947124317&ref=ts

Monday, 15 February 2010

About Happy SAD

Since yesterday was Valentine's day which this year comes together with Chinese New Year, I'm going to blog about Happy SAD.

You don't have to be with someone, a lover, other half/boyfriend/fiance/husband to celebrate Valentine. Valentine is actually a day to celebrate with everyone, your family and friends, the people around you that you love. It does not matter who. Just spread the love!

And as for me, yesterday was Happy SAD!

SAD ? You may ask?
It's Single Available Day. Oh yeah!

Being single doesn't exactly have to be a bad thing. It means that you can do anything you want without having to think about what the other person have to say. Free from commitment and having attachment with someone. I'm happy that I can enjoy the freedom and happiness that I still have. I don't have to deal with relationships problem, argument and misunderstanding and so forth. But please, don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that having a relationship is wrong, but it's just me, saying this while I'm still single!

I want to tell the world that it's okay to be single. Less headache and more money. Cause we don't have to spend much on Valentine's Day buying expensive gifts for our other half. Haha. True or not? :P

Singles out there, I know you might be thinking that it's a lonely day to celebrate with. But hey, look at the bright side will you? We get to do the things we always dream of, travel the world anytime we want or even make our own decision. Go pamper yourself this VDay! Go for a massage, shopping or something. Or maybe head for some adventure like take a downtown trip by yourself and hit the beach. Imagine lying down the sandy beach, reading your favourite book listening to the ocean waves while sipping Pina Colada. Sound blissful no? :D

Oh, if you're on a budget like me, you can just stay home. Doing nothing will do. You can cook your favourite meal, read a good book and relax watching movie. Or maybe put on your favourite karaoke cd and sing your heart out! Okay maybe I gotta stop sounding like I'm being a cheapo here. Heehe :P

Oh well,

It's not exactly a sad day after all.

I support Happy SAD.
While I'm still Single that is.
Oops, I think I just blurted out my non existent love life!
Yikes! *grin*

P/S : Help me win this contest by clicking 'Like' button on my wall post on this page Thanks in advance!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Why I Like it Longer?

I was a bit puzzled when I saw the question at first.
But being me, oh yeah I took the challenge,
And I'm going to answer the question after all.

Why I do I like it longer?

If you asked me.....

Honestly, I like it longer because having much extent to the space. Cause longer also means something you will have in a long span of time, everlasting like a permanent commitment. The longer it gets, the clearer vision of the relationship we had. So I can easily reach you, anything that is impossible. Longer it gets, it makes a heart grow fonder. Long is sexy. Like something steaming hot, drools with very much temptation. Tempting it is. Being longer makes the level of confidence upper, as high as it gets.

Oh, how can I really make an explaination out of this?

There's just something about it that makes it so irresistible and that makes me could not ask but wanting for more.

No, I'm not even talking about sex here.

And I'm talking about the sexy black and red smart phone. The one I already have fallen deeply in love and eyeing with!

Introducing LG's new chocolate BL-40, a fully touch screen, the latest innovation of the LG Chocolate series, comes with great features I'm sure you'll never want to miss.

  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera
  • One touch screen copy & paste
Optimized for internet browsing and web contents that can be copied and pasted onto schedulers or text messages with a simple touch.
  • Gesture shortcut

You can access menus by drawing simple icons on a touch pad.

  • Complete Web Display
Speed to access information and convenience to view many things at once reached a whole new level.
  • Dual Screen UI
Splits the screen into two and shows email subject and contents in one view

  • 4'HD LCD Protected by Tempered Glass
Experience true to life image and high definition video display.
  • Panaromic Entertainment
Features a wide screen 16:9 display ratio that can be adjusted up to .35:1 cinematic wide view

Specification :

Size and Weight

External Buttons and Controls

LG Chocolate BL40 reminds me of the smoothness, with awesome flavour and richness in taste where fashion meets technology. The fashion experts label it as the Supermodel of phones. It's so hot, it probably tasted like red hot chilli peppers that makes you jump high up the sky!

Guys may drool at this picture....'Cause sexy is definitely in!

This might be it.
A smart phone.... perfect gift for Valentine's Day.
Imagine your guy in tuxedo and you're in a dress to kill.
On the table, out witnessing the moonlight night,
Look into the eye of each other.
We see things, we see it differently.

You might never look at me at the same way as you did before......

And I will never be looking at you the same as well.

That is why you and me, we like it longer,
The longer it gets the better,
An everlasting relationship that will last forever,
Need I say any further?

I think I've found a true love in my life.
LG New Chocolate BL40, I love you longer ! ;)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Flags off sunset

Flagging off a hot scorching sunny weather, I gazed and admire the last look of the evening sunset. Reminded me of why I much prefer the evening sunset (I miss the beach down at Melinsung ) than the morning sunrise. You see I was never a too early morning person but I have no choice to be one because of work. Oh, If only. I'm used to it already. Thank God.

Just today, I was eager to do some running again. It was a slow jog to start, but it was good none the less. It's been awhile since my last routine with jogging and the exercise ball too. Admittedly, it felt so great to be sweating like buckets running with my little dog. Though it seems colder when it gets dark these days. At least, I could gain some stamina and strength especially when it comes to practicing my singing. Helps alot when I'm always easily tired from the high pitch I was making as well. And not forgetting to mention about staying fit & healthy is part of my main gold too.

So as I end the night & call it a day, I breathe my sigh with relief.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Thank you Tupperware!

Weeks ago, I thought I'd help my bit at this on-going campaign running by Tupperware Brands. And since my family has been using this brand for quite some time I thought why not! Helping and maybe get lucky while I'm at it. So I did.

After pledging at , a campaign of Reuse and Reduce by Tupperware Brands, I have won myself a limited edition Madagascar 2 Tumbler and a Large Square Away container with a hip lunch bag worth RM40 in total!

Thanks again, Tupperware Australia Pty Ltd ! :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Get Well Soon Baby Ammar!

Picture taken from the Nuffnang Charity Project

I stumbled upon a post at Nuffnang Malaysia's official website and I decided to blog about it. I'm just trying to help and spread the words and love for 2 year old Ammar Danish son of Nuffnanger Azmaniza, who blogs at who's son is suffering from a hole in a heart in other words, Patent Ductus Ateriosus (PDA).

I might not know Baby Ammar and his mother but....

For me, it's a heartbreak to know that Baby Ammar's sweet and cheerful smile will fade every time this innocent child is in pain. I can't imagine a mother's sufferrings and worries for her own blood and flesh.

Human hearts, you can do your part in helping this boy be healthy again. You can do so by contributing a donation to Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank). It doesn't matter how much you give, cause every little amount counts.

This little boy surgery is scheduled on the 22nd February 2010. The fund raising effort will end on the midnight of 17th February 2010.

For more information, please read here.

UPDATED : Take note that the fund raising has ended today 8 February 2010 since Azmaniza has sufficient funds to foot for the bill of the surgery. Thanks :)

Thursday, 4 February 2010

I think I should

I've been walking too slow on the pavement and the time seems to be running too fast, too furious on my side. Like a city girl who walks into somewhere, out of no where she reached into the unfamiliar route. The place she would rather be than the usual ones. She planted her heart and soul to it, for sure. Those greener pastures that she felt in love with. She said, " Maybe I should write a short country song instead."

I think I should.