Monday, 5 April 2010

3 Things I Love About Food

Since it's not Lent season anymore, I think I'm allowed to talk about food right?
Just like to share about the 3 things I would love in a food.

#1 Simplicity - I am not actually a bun kind of person
but if I need a simple, ready to eat and not too heavy meal,
I'd go for it! Just need to pair it up with my favorite drink.
Black coffee or orange juice for me! :)

#2 Quick & Easy - Instant does not mean it has to be prepared bare naked alone.
It can be a healthy if you know how to mix your food with right kind of ingredients.

#3 Presentation- I love colours on my plate! And the proportion must be just nice.
Balanced diet starts with the suitable size of dish.

What's yours like? ;)

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