Sunday, 25 April 2010

Birthday Dinner @ Yoshimi : 120410

Initial plan to go for fine dining in Atmosphere at the tallest building in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah were cancelled as the place were closed on Mondays. So we decided to go for Japanese again. :D So okay, last year was Filipino cuisine.

Yoshimi - Japanese Restaurant it is.
Located at Warisan Square.

My Favourite Bento

Salmon & Fish Roe Rice Set

And Sushi's we love.
Salmon and Fish Roe again.
We sure can't get enough of it yet! :P

Okay, okay enough about about salmons and fish roe.
Moving on to bento, more of it.

Chicken Teriyaki With Rice

Eel With Rice

Soft shell crab

With Ocha, Japanese Green Tea each to wash down all the food.

I got to say food was glorious! Either I'm being bias or what,
Japanese food will always be favourite (beside's Filipino that is) since I'm not really a fan of Korean kimchi. BUT don't take my word too seriously, coz I might change my mind. :P

I had a wonderful birthday night. Thanks to the awesome dinner treat!
Was a bit over-dressed for the occasion but what the heck!
Love, love the company of endless chit-chattering :D

*Big Hugs*


maslight said...

Happy birthday XD belated b'day? XD

Eudora said...

@maslight: Wow, your comment was FAST! lol! Thanks eventho' it's a bit late! Heehe :D

fhen said...

wow all looks nyummy! shall try this place if i drope by malaysia :)
wish you had a great birthday


Eudora said...

@fhen: It's nyummy indeed! Yeah, u should when you're here.
Thanks dear! xoxo