Friday, 2 April 2010

It's a Good Friday

Amoxycilin, Beatafed, Copastine.

Goodness, gracious where the heck does this scientific names came from?

As I swallowed each of it into my mouth, I felt a little bit high. Daily dosage of drugs makes me fall in love, again. I thank you for the heavy grams of medicine. After weeks of struggling with the contagious influenza of mine, *cough*sniffs*cough* I *cough*sniffs*cough* Finally went to the doctor yesterday. Oh YES, I did! Surprise, surprise! I sure did finished lots of tissue rolls in the process. Ooh, doctor loOovveeee! Heehe :D

Just had a simple breakfast or should I said Brunch? and since because I had to abstain from eating meat and fast for the next couple of hours.

(The next few lines were written after I got home from the church)

That 3p.m heat were killing me. It was hot but thank God there is a bit of air where we were sitting at the church. Slightly dizzy and being sick is way too uncomfortable. Was high on drugs this time rather than sugar but not overdose though. I managed to get through it even when I felt I was out of breath and about to faint at a certain point.

It's all meant to test how strong we were.
To resist the temptations that were coming along the way as we begin to fast.

This day, today is also a great day to have some bonding time with the rest of the family.

Silence. Solemnity.
I love it when some country stop airing on air in some radio station since Holy Thursday to respect the religion.

And as we prepare towards Holy Saturday and celebrate Easter Sunday, with tons of smile and bunnies distributing eggs, don't forget to do some reflection! :)

Despite the fact that I'm just a lil bit unwell, it was still a Good Friday.

P/s: Gotta go & resist updating about food and editing food pictures as well for now! :P

Blessed Good Friday everyone! :)

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