Thursday, 8 April 2010

Let's Fall in Love Again

For whatever reason, this song makes me skip for joy through the few days of mine already. I could go happy, happy, joy, joy mode by listening to it! I could wake up to a shitty and crappy mornings with the widest smile you can imagine even by not getting enough sleep.

Love the beat and rhythm that makes me think that love does exist. That life's a beach. Sands & water of the sea splashing on you. Enjoying summer weather. Taking endless pictures. Sipping sodas together, sharing is caring. Warms your heart every time.

Don't you love this kind of feeling?

I would not want to erase every inch of it! Heehe :D

Thanks Jason Castro, for making me fall in love again.
And for believing it. :)

P/s: Can't wait for JasonCastro's new album to be release nxt week! :D

Oh, you might wanna check out my Pinoy friend, VinceGolangco's WhenInManila blog, for the recent Jason Castro's interview with Mellow94.7fm in the Philippines.

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