Monday, 31 May 2010

Do I need a reason to like thiis?

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I like this just because.....

the band members from our local band Estranged and Pop Shuvit are in it?
Well part of it, I'd say YES! Another filler post to kill time. Heehe :)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bali Souvenirs I Like!

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My colleague, Ms. D and her best friend Ziggy's hot mama, Vv just came back from Bali a couple of weeks ago. They both gave me souvenirs which I love! A wooden wristlet, a surf-board shaped key chain and a fridge magnet. Yay! Now my family's kitchen has a new collection of fridge magnet from all over the places! :)

Which reminds me that I need to go for a vacation in Bali to see a lot of non-local good looking surfer in Kuta beach! Arggghhh so frustrating, I wish I had all the money in the world already!

Bali, you're on my next list for sho'! Heehe :P

Friday, 28 May 2010

Glisters & Blisters 'We Love Color Tights' Giveaway!

I know we all love colours cause it makes us bright and cheerful the whole day!
Want to win a pair of those colourful leggings below?
Now you have the chance to!
My Indonesian fashionable blogger friend, Michelle is having a giveaway!
Join her contest now and might just be the lucky one!
Courtesy from 'We Love Colors' :)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Road Trip Sunday, it was last minute!

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Unfamiliar. Well for a moment, I thought we've never met.
Still I greet it with a smile.

"Hey Stranger, it seems ages ago!"

And it may be rare for me saying this right now that stranger was you,
the road less taken and travelled. Gunung Emas, Keningau and Tambunan, where you used to be a close friend during my childhood days. Cause you see, we don't quite do this as often anymore.

Packed with nothing but a bag full of nonsense and compact camera in my hand, and did I forgot to mention some lil bit of snacks and tidbits, and crazy family laughter along the way too? I was over-joyed!
I can finally feel the excitement once more. I mean who would have thought we would do a road trip again after so long. I was umm, acting a little bit childish, I could jumped up so high! It was rather last minute but everyone was so game for it! Oh yeah, my family is that adventurous! :)

Unexpected. We found a new place to explore!
Cause it was not even in our plan in the first place. Talked about go with the flow.
Heehe :D

Unpolluted, green and relaxing.
You are so beautiful, you deserved a separate blog post all about you!

till then, later peeps! :)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Amir Millson & Harick Ng makes great baristas!

When you have two eligible bachelors making you cups of Caramel Machiato at Starbucks, I'm sure you want to come more often to have your coffee there.

Check out how Amir & Harick makes great coffee for the lucky Cleo
Malaysia's magazine readers on their speed dating event!

Here's the link if you missed the show on Friday:

The 8TV Quickie: 21 May 10

Ooh, wish I was there to take part of it since it's my favourite drink!Heehe :D

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mother's Day Dinner at Colossus Cafe & Bar

Am I that late to post this up?
My bad! I'm trying to catch up. Sorry!


My family actually wanted to celebrate an early Mother's day at 'Masarap', but since the place was full that night, we ended up not having Filipino cuisine but something different at Colossus Cafe & Bar.

Cozy night and bonding time with the family which I love! :)
I really think we should order more beers next time, Dad!
Okay I kid! Hahahaha :p

Some random photos of the night.

It was a pleasant night as we got entertaint by the owners, our close friends. Next time around, I predict I'll be singing there as I've heard about them installing a karaoke set already! Wheee! Heehe :D

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Framed Up!

....oh, yeah like finally, at last!

coz I am so vain like that!
Please excuse me will you?
Heehe :P

Monday, 17 May 2010

Souvenirs from China

My boss just got back from the Shanghai Expo 2010 in China last week and bought all of us this cool solar torchlight keychain and a glow in the dark keychain. It's a small souvenir, but still I appreciate the thought! :D

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dining out at 'Masarap'


Few weekends ago, sister and I wanted to try out this Filipino cuisine in Lintas area. After the evening church mass, we both decided to try out the meals there for dinner.

Once in awhile, we both like to indulge our favourite food even if it's kinda pricey. But what the heck right? Food that makes my tummy happy one! ;)

Foodie Manila, this one para saiyo! He's my awesome blogger friend from Manila by the way! :D

RM 12

Not sure how it is spelled but it's really delicious!
I love the mixture of colourful vegetables filled with seafood like squids and prawns in it.
The sauce was superb none the less.


If you haven't read or heard already, this pork dish is my ultimate favourite!
Would love to have this home made for breakfast every morning with my garlic kanin (rice) if I ever been given any choice. With egg log perhaps?
Can you hear me oh dear longganisa maker?
*hint hint* Heehe :P

Tokwa't Baboy

'Tokwa't' is actually tofu and 'Baboy' is pork meat.
Loving the black sauce and celery served together with tofu and pork!
Could not describe more since it was too good. :)

And last but not least,
our dessert that sticky when we finished those meals above!
Hahahaha :P

BBQ Saging/Bananacue
RM3.00 (3PCS)

But it was still perfect!
Basta masarap!

Masarap means delicious by the way!

Location : Block B, Lot 13, Lintas Square,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

When all things failed

I finally got myself a big frame which I got 70% discount from Parkson Grand to hang some of my pictures, my awesome portrait session by Anna-Rina I won last year. But there's a lot, I had a hard time to choose which one. I ended up left putting it on the other side.

I wanted to update this blogpost about an eatery.
But I was just too lazy to edit the photos. And food photos will always make me feel hungry again.
So there you go, I have too much reason to refrain myself from doing it.

I need to quit being spendrift, cut my expenses and start saving so I can go travelling once more. I am missing that 3 places I would want to go again. But where do I start?

Same goes to my artworks and some other side work.
I must find time. I must.

But in the mean time.....

When all things failed, if you ask me now, I rather snuggle on my bed and read my latest issue of Cleo Malaysia magazine. Heehe :)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Starbucks baby, I'm all by myself!

Frozen, I felt like I'm living in an igloo somewhere in Antartica.
As if I'm ready to be served chill anytime.
A dessert, sweet creamy, an iced blended one.

It's getting chilly down here. Colder than I've expected it to be. With my a little baggy 'I Love Rome' shirt sitting, chillaxing with my Vanilla Affogato here in Starbucks. It's been raining, some areas is affected, for crying out loud. I can see the window vapour beside me as I speak.

Waiting, still waiting.
The cellphone is not even ringing.
Where art thou?
Patience is a virtue.
Got me a little impatient there.

Seriously, I'm just bored.
Playing with time, go wasting it.
Killed it. It's barely 10 p.m.
9.30 p.m on the dot.
Ended with this.

Awesome fix, great mix, just pure bliss!
Starbucks baby, I'm all by myself! :D

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Amir Millson interview on 8tv's Quickie!

Did u guys especially the fans of our recent crowned titled Cleo Malaysia Most Eligible Bachelor 2010 Amir Millson, watched the interview last night?

If you've missed it, fret not! Here's a recap of it:

The 8TV Quickie: 7 May 10

You might wanna sign-up to the website first.

Some lucky girl named cherrybanana got Amir to shout-out her name!
Wonder when will be my turn? *calls out for Amir Millson to say my name* *fan girl mode*

Okay, okay I kid, I kid!
I might be too old to be one. Haha :P

till the next post!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Stonebay featured on Junk Magazine (May Issue) !

Dad got me my favourite Junk magazine, the May issue from KL.
Kings of Convenience on the cover and as usual awesome and great articles of music & entertainment updates around the Asian region.

Just wanna share that our local Malaysian band, Stonebay is featured!
Didn't realize that Ojie, one of the band member is actually from Sabah, my college mate Adzri's brother! The world is getting smaller. Indeed! Heehe :D

(Please click & zoom in to get a closer view to read)

You guys have to grab a copy of the latest issue to read more of it. ;)

For daily updates:
Junk is also available online at

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Amir Millson goes on air at RedFM

This morning, I managed to catch the interview of Amir Millson with's JD and Dilly. Honestly, I have never listen to this radio station before as the part of the country where I live does not have their frequency. So I got on their website and tuned into via online. And this was my 1st time listening at work! All because I wanted to hear him LIVE. Look what got into me, the hip and hype of CLEO Malaysia's Most Eligible Bachelor 2010.

There are actually quite a few more videos but I guess this one is my personal favourite. I love his version of 'You Are Not Alone.' :D

That girl Sofee is so lucky, she got Amir to dedicate her this song!

And that moves, awesome! Groovy baby! I also love the Wonderboys video!
Hillarious lah! Hahaha :P

Good looks aside, He's pretty talented don't you think so?
That's what I think anyway! :)

More updates at :
CLEO Malaysia Facebook Page

And don't forget to follow him on Twitter too!
He wants more followers! At least that's what he said on Twitter the other day. Right Amir? And the fact that he's following me as well, you deserve to get promoted. Hahaha :P

Now go and add him already!

Okay, okay Imma stop right now.

Cheers! xoxo

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Who won the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2010 (Malaysia)?

The result of one of the most anticipated event has finally ended last Friday, April 30th 2010 at Zouk Club KL. Although I could not witness the event in person and meet those 50 Eligible Bachelors, I'll be lying if I told you that I'm not itching to know who will win already. I mean after buying the magazine for weeks, the curiousity just gets into me. So, I followed @CLEOmsia on Twitter hoping to know the latest updates. And melted after I saw that hottie Patrick MacDonald #6 on 8tv's Quickie. Honestly, there are a few guys I'm eyeing to win for the title and the subsidiary titles. And like the previous years, the ones I predicted to win, won the titles! Henry Golding for 2009 and Brian Lau for 2008! I guess I'm getting good at choosing who's going to win. Heehe :D

Though some didn't actually win, but still they're winners in our hearts. ;)

So who actually won the big title this year?
And stand out from the rest of the guys?

I would like to say Congratulations to All Winners!
For the big title & all the subsidiary titles!

That gorgeous 'CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2010'
Amirrudin Hud Rashid Millson, Student, 27

stole the hearts most of the voters and won!

And if you've watched one of the episode on 8tv's Quickie with Faizal #45, Chee Foong #47 and Patrick #6, one of the guys even predicted Amir Millson will win the title.

Oh yes, I'm sure those who bought the April issue, will recognize him on the cover with a lady model and another Bachelor, Harick Ng #44 who actually won The Most Playful Bachelor. Harick is kinda cute. Don't you think so? *shy*

You can check out Harick's blog A Beach Boy Turn Into A City Boy.

If you can't get enough of the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2010 yet,

You can add Amir Millson's fan page on Facebook here:
Cleo Eligible Bachelor Number 16!!!

And oh, he's on Twitter too!
Follow him @AmirMillson

P/S : Fell free to check out my other blogs at &