Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mother's Day Dinner at Colossus Cafe & Bar

Am I that late to post this up?
My bad! I'm trying to catch up. Sorry!


My family actually wanted to celebrate an early Mother's day at 'Masarap', but since the place was full that night, we ended up not having Filipino cuisine but something different at Colossus Cafe & Bar.

Cozy night and bonding time with the family which I love! :)
I really think we should order more beers next time, Dad!
Okay I kid! Hahahaha :p

Some random photos of the night.

It was a pleasant night as we got entertaint by the owners, our close friends. Next time around, I predict I'll be singing there as I've heard about them installing a karaoke set already! Wheee! Heehe :D

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