Wednesday, 30 June 2010

There goes, half gone.....

I haven't been updating this blog regularly thanks to the World Cup. And obviously if I ever do, all I can think of is football, football and football again. As a matter of fact, I'm still getting over Portugal's last game this morning but still happy that Spain made it through. They were so strong played so well, they deserved it! That's undeniable. At least Portugal is better than England. I felt that England game which they lost to Germany with 4-1 is really unfair, think the linesman are blind but had to accept that it was not a score. Damn!

Few more days to go and can't wait to know who will be in the finals. Hope Argentina will be a good boy and be one of those who qualified. See? There I go again with my football fever, running nose and rock star voice to complete my saying. Heehe :)

As I woke up with a major headache & had to skipped work, I realize that...
It's end of June & there goes my half year gone.

Need to be more focused and managed my time on certain things.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

I am not talking about meatballs

..... coz I need to talk about football AGAIN! Muahahaha *evil grin*

Sorry guys, I'll get you bored but I can't resist. *makes innocent face*

And so the match between Portugal versus Brazil finally ended last night with a draw. Phew! *relieved*I didn't really get to watch the whole game as I was in the movies watching Knight & Day. Just the last few minutes. But still I was happy to know that both team made it to the next round.

And Spain won against Chile too! David Villa scored again. Viva Espana! :)

The other day, I was glad that England still managed to score a goal and won against Slovenia What a great choice Fabio Capello, for bringing goalkeeper David James in coz he is my fave! But i had to accept the fact that Italy is going home. Looks like there will be no pasta party for me then. So much of thinking of a celebration if only they win. Heehe :P

After endless of screaming, I have to deal with sore throat's and bare with it until the World Cup is over. :D

Just when you think I'll get annoyed of those 'vuvuzela' sounds do you?

Well, not just yet! Heehe ;)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Show Me the Mooney!

Hey business-minded people, you might be interested to join this challenge.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Lucky Magnificent 7

Seven '7' has always been a favourite number for me especially in football. I've been a big fan of it since David Beckham wore that number when he was still with Manchester United. It almost felt like the number has been attached to me.

My Portugal Jersey and I :)

And now it's Cristiano Ronaldo. The captain of Portugal. I know many people don't really fancy him, but for whatever reason or what people say, screw those people! I still like him! You might think that I only like him because he's good looking, not! He's more than that, he's has this talent and skill in football. I just love how fast the way he moves and gets the ball. He is the man of the match! :)

Portugal big winning playing against North Korea last night was unbelievable! It did not disappoint me at all! Poor Koreans was struggling hard to catch up the score and ended with nothing. Think I almost lost my voice cheering and shouting for that magnificent 7 goals! Woohoo, I was over the moon just talking about it! I was still smiling the whole day and after watching the highlights again. I am so fanatic like that, just had to watch all over once more! :D

Another game to worry though, next match they'll be playing against Brazil! Eeeks! *worried*

P/s: Don't take my words too seriously, it's just my two cents about it. Cheers! <3

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Daddy's Sunday :)

Wow, how it's been friggin' extra hot today. They don't call Sunday for nothing, don't they? ;) Not that I'm complaining as I get to greet this morning,

" Hey,sunshiny Sunshine! "

Those somehow kind of remind me of something.
I miss that. Ah, wished it never ended. Oh well, oh well!

Moving on...

What a beautiful Sunday morning!

Started off the day going for Sunday mass and thereafter breakfast with the family. Typical yeah, but it was a nice one to begin to celebrate Father's day. Bonding & Relaxing time. It was meant to be meaningful and spent the rest of the doing nothing at home. And so far, I finished watching two Tagalog movie without sub-titles this weekend. I think I'm getting better at this. And you know what else I love about weekend? Pampering myself with facial clay mask! Heehe. Super bliss! :D

All in all, Father's Day this year was simple but I got to treat daddy a movie with brother an advance gift last week coz I thought it was last Sunday! Hahaha :P

Okay, gotta bugged daddy while he's watching Italy play on tv now.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

I'm not watching World Cup tonight....

Because 'I rather have my beauty sleep than watch some crappy game! Time to snuggle up on my bed! Hee ;D' as quoted on my Facebook account.

Sorry for the non football fan, I need to brag something strictly football. :P

Like seriously, where's my prize of supporting when all they do is give a bad performance & don't have the effort in winning? Hmmm...

After all the disappointments I had to faced watching my favourite teams played on World Cup in South Africa this year, more or less dampen my spirit to stayed up late at night and early morning just to watch the match. And worst still, I had to wake early to work just like everyone else. So far, Argentina has been the only team who maintain their great score. I was actually quite surprised by those impressive goals scored by the underdogs team. Who would have thought eh? The unexpected things that could happened.

I'm going to accept which ever team who will win the champion title. Whatever it takes. Even if I am not very fond of it. After all it's just a game, I repeat 'A Game!' :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

MAS Traveller

What kind of value do you want when you travel?

Amir Millson has new FB Public Figure page!

Still can't get enough of Malaysia's Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor this 2010?
Check out Amir's new Public Figure page on Facebook to get more updates on him! Created by his agency. Click 'Like' button if you are a fan! :)

Amir Millson 'Public Figure' page on Facebook

And I leave you with his current interview with Dzull Zammani.

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sony Music Malaysia FBPage, I love u!

Are you always hungry and thirsty for some entertainment and freebies?
Do you always wake up in the morning fill with the sound of of music?
And you simply can't just live without it?

Well, both of the things I love to do actually involves this two! If you happened to know very well, I am the kind who wakes up and end it with a music and not to mention, I enter contest and giveaways all the time! I mean, who doesn't like anything that comes for free right?

I found the perfect site to my likings!
I want to share to you where is it...
It is the Sony Music Malaysia Facebook Page and website too! ;)

Why I love this page?
Simply because Sony Music Entertainment has lots both of my favourite local and internationals artistes under their belt. Not only that we get to interact with them, they also updates us with the latest source of our favourite singers and the best part of all, they got endless stuff to give & share with us! I'm loving them to bits!

If you're on Facebook, a blogger and want to add your CDs collection, you might wanna check this out!

Sony Music Malaysia facebook page is generous enough to give their supporters any 2 CDs of their choice by just blogging about their page...How COOL is that? Hee :D

And if I'm given a choice to choose from, okay this is hard....*paused and thinks for a while* I would love to have the latest Christina Aguilera's and Pitbull's album for sure since I already got Sony's Dennis Lau exclusive album.

Want to win some cds as well?
Click this link to join now!

Come lah and join and win tons of prizes today!

And oOps, I forgot to mention that they are on Twitter too!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

12th of June 2010

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When I told you that I was not going to watch World Cup 2010, I lied.

Cause today, I just did.

I wasn't going to watch the match between Korea Republic Vs Greece because none of the two are my favorites. And I knew I always prefer the taste of Greek Salad than Kim Chi. But I under estimated the Koreans, they actually won the game by two goals and defeated the Greek! Let's just say that I am really impressed!

After that was the Argentina Vs Nigeria match.

And I was like, "Woots! Argentina is playing, there is no way I'm going to miss it!"

So there I was sitting at the living room watching the game with Daddy and younger brother. Argentina has awesome line up of players and the Nigerian goal keeper was amazing as well! I super love Diego Maradona's son in law Messi when he scored a goal within just few minutes of playing! I ended up watching the match full time. What a victory! :)

And since it's also the weekend, I decided to wait until 2.30 a.m to watch my favourite team England to play versus United States of America. I predicted that England will definitely win by a point but to my horror, Robert Green who was England's goal keeper made a huge mistake by allowing the U.S.A score one goal. I pity that man though cause it's not easy being on his side. But I got to mention here like I did in Facebook that Steven Gerrard's 4 minute earliest goal in this year's World Cup in South Africa was SWEET!

And that day, was really rare for me to sleep at 4.30 a.m. Things football do to you.
How great! Or should I say crazy? :P

Friday, 11 June 2010

What's the score?

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While you were busy eating football, sleeping football, watching World Cup on the television and the list goes on that involves it, I am feeling all neglected and bored!

Nay, not a bit!

Was on Twitter and Facebook just now, all I can see is status updates of World Cup here and there, this and that. At first, I felt quite ignorant about it. But then, even by not watching the opening and stuff, I am very much updated. Thanks to all the constant tweets! World Cup 2010 just dominated and spammed my Twitter account. Heh! ;D

Excuse me, I'm just not in the mood for football now.

But who can blame them?
The fever has officially started, minus the cough and the flu though.
Beware cause it may take awhile. It's going to spread!

I remember on the last World Cup in France, I was the one fill with excitement. Days before it started I got the schedules printed out on papers. I even got myself and the family members some jerseys and shorts in a set. I'm so fanatic that time, I even got the game cards of the players playing. I was so into England and another team, I felt like I was one of the boys, men or guy, whatever you may call it. Oh well, there is no gender preference when it comes to football love right? Who says Cristiano Ronaldo is not 'love'? Tell me *bluek* ;)

I heard, " Waka,waka, waka..." everywhere!

That's when I realize every guy I saw is going crazy night and day talking about football. I think I'll dream tonight that I'm in South Africa watching all those football matches...I might as well pretend I'm there for the whole month! Haha :D

So baby, what's the score again? :P

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

FashionJazz 1st Giveaway!

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Want to win one of those sandals below?

Daniel Foot wear will be giving away one of the following Daniel designer sandals to FashionJazz readers for free! Click here to start entering the contest now! Who know's you might be the lucky one! Open worldwide! I'm just joining for fun! :)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wanna Win an Ipad?

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Just click on the picture below to register now! :)

vsHub Share Program

Sunday, 6 June 2010

When I got you....

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The search is over when I got you off the magazine rack at the book store! I finally got my hands on the Cleo Malaysia magazine June issue few days ago! Gorgeous Amanda Seyfried in on the cover. Love the movie 'Dear John' she played on with Channing Tatum! I want her lovely set of eyes!

And oh, did I told you that this month's issue comes with a free gift of travel-size bottle Colgate Plax Peppermint flavoured? For long lasting fresh breath definitely. Just make sure you girls asked the magazine vendor if it's not attached to the magazine, okay? Hee :)

And the best part is, Amir Millson the Cleo Malaysia Most Eligible Bachelor 2010 has 3 pages spread all about him! Whee! Love it, love it! And there is also few pages full of pictures of what has happened during the bash. With lot's and lot's of yummylicious shots of the other 49 bachelors as well. At least the unfortunate one's like me who did not get to witness the event had an idea what's going on that night.

Who want's to be left out right?
Certainly not me, not me! :D

Want to see more of the inside content?
Grab your own copy and get a piece of Amir Millson now! (Oh well, in a coloured paper that is! heehe :P)

Saturday, 5 June 2010

@ToyotaMy, thank you! :)

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Last May, I've been endlessly participating in the 'Toyota Roadshow Re-tweet Contest' on Twitter for the whole month. And my effort was paid when I was announced as the 50th person who RT @ToyotaMy tweet, yay I was the winner that week! I won exclusive Toyota Racing Development merchandise!

Just before the long weekend holiday last week, I've received the prize delivery safely from Nationwide. Here's what I've got:

A towel, a mug and neck case all worth RM 105!

Looks like my luck is back! Whee! Hee :D

You can follow Toyota Malaysia on twitter @ToyotaMy & check out their website at

Friday, 4 June 2010

I got CUTOUT-ed! :D

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Was searching high and low for inspiration. One moment, my head was full of ideas and the next thing I knew it was completely blank again. I honestly got nothing on my mind and what to blog about these days.

Until the day, I have stumbled upon an article about this newest magazine in town through my favourite Junk magazine. Out of curiousity, I found the website here.

I was inspired once more.

Since there were discounts on subscription during that time, I decided to email and bought through online without thinking twice, try out and subscribe for the 1st 4 issues per year.

Got my 1st and 2nd issue of CUTOUT Magazine few weeks back with awesome fast delivery. The team even gave me free postcards and Doodoolls sticker. I'm so loving this magazine and it's definitely a designer's mag! Love,love! :)

CUTOUT Magazine
3-1, Alpha Villa No.12,
Jalan 2/27A,
Wangsa Maju, Setapak,
53300 Kuala Lumpur,


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I want to wake up & smell you each day...

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It was 4a.m. I woke up at the early hours on a Gawai Day morning. It was rare for a non morning person like me to be up and about and ready that early. Plus it is a holiday for goodness sake. So why was I that excited?

I was game for an early Tuesday morning adventure with Ate Pink & Kuya Alfie!
Hoping to catch a glimpse at you and fell in love at first sight again!

Here's few minutes of love to share. :D

I felt like singing 'Sunrise, sunrise' at Mengkabong River :)


Check out some awesome photography shots by my sister and cousin.
Some links love!

My cousin, Kuya Alfie's 'Sunrise @ Mengkabong River 2010'

My sister, Ate Pink's 'SkyWatch Friday II'