Saturday, 12 June 2010

12th of June 2010

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When I told you that I was not going to watch World Cup 2010, I lied.

Cause today, I just did.

I wasn't going to watch the match between Korea Republic Vs Greece because none of the two are my favorites. And I knew I always prefer the taste of Greek Salad than Kim Chi. But I under estimated the Koreans, they actually won the game by two goals and defeated the Greek! Let's just say that I am really impressed!

After that was the Argentina Vs Nigeria match.

And I was like, "Woots! Argentina is playing, there is no way I'm going to miss it!"

So there I was sitting at the living room watching the game with Daddy and younger brother. Argentina has awesome line up of players and the Nigerian goal keeper was amazing as well! I super love Diego Maradona's son in law Messi when he scored a goal within just few minutes of playing! I ended up watching the match full time. What a victory! :)

And since it's also the weekend, I decided to wait until 2.30 a.m to watch my favourite team England to play versus United States of America. I predicted that England will definitely win by a point but to my horror, Robert Green who was England's goal keeper made a huge mistake by allowing the U.S.A score one goal. I pity that man though cause it's not easy being on his side. But I got to mention here like I did in Facebook that Steven Gerrard's 4 minute earliest goal in this year's World Cup in South Africa was SWEET!

And that day, was really rare for me to sleep at 4.30 a.m. Things football do to you.
How great! Or should I say crazy? :P

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