Saturday, 26 June 2010

I am not talking about meatballs

..... coz I need to talk about football AGAIN! Muahahaha *evil grin*

Sorry guys, I'll get you bored but I can't resist. *makes innocent face*

And so the match between Portugal versus Brazil finally ended last night with a draw. Phew! *relieved*I didn't really get to watch the whole game as I was in the movies watching Knight & Day. Just the last few minutes. But still I was happy to know that both team made it to the next round.

And Spain won against Chile too! David Villa scored again. Viva Espana! :)

The other day, I was glad that England still managed to score a goal and won against Slovenia What a great choice Fabio Capello, for bringing goalkeeper David James in coz he is my fave! But i had to accept the fact that Italy is going home. Looks like there will be no pasta party for me then. So much of thinking of a celebration if only they win. Heehe :P

After endless of screaming, I have to deal with sore throat's and bare with it until the World Cup is over. :D

Just when you think I'll get annoyed of those 'vuvuzela' sounds do you?

Well, not just yet! Heehe ;)

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