Saturday, 19 June 2010

I'm not watching World Cup tonight....

Because 'I rather have my beauty sleep than watch some crappy game! Time to snuggle up on my bed! Hee ;D' as quoted on my Facebook account.

Sorry for the non football fan, I need to brag something strictly football. :P

Like seriously, where's my prize of supporting when all they do is give a bad performance & don't have the effort in winning? Hmmm...

After all the disappointments I had to faced watching my favourite teams played on World Cup in South Africa this year, more or less dampen my spirit to stayed up late at night and early morning just to watch the match. And worst still, I had to wake early to work just like everyone else. So far, Argentina has been the only team who maintain their great score. I was actually quite surprised by those impressive goals scored by the underdogs team. Who would have thought eh? The unexpected things that could happened.

I'm going to accept which ever team who will win the champion title. Whatever it takes. Even if I am not very fond of it. After all it's just a game, I repeat 'A Game!' :)

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