Wednesday, 30 June 2010

There goes, half gone.....

I haven't been updating this blog regularly thanks to the World Cup. And obviously if I ever do, all I can think of is football, football and football again. As a matter of fact, I'm still getting over Portugal's last game this morning but still happy that Spain made it through. They were so strong played so well, they deserved it! That's undeniable. At least Portugal is better than England. I felt that England game which they lost to Germany with 4-1 is really unfair, think the linesman are blind but had to accept that it was not a score. Damn!

Few more days to go and can't wait to know who will be in the finals. Hope Argentina will be a good boy and be one of those who qualified. See? There I go again with my football fever, running nose and rock star voice to complete my saying. Heehe :)

As I woke up with a major headache & had to skipped work, I realize that...
It's end of June & there goes my half year gone.

Need to be more focused and managed my time on certain things.

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