Friday, 11 June 2010

What's the score?

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While you were busy eating football, sleeping football, watching World Cup on the television and the list goes on that involves it, I am feeling all neglected and bored!

Nay, not a bit!

Was on Twitter and Facebook just now, all I can see is status updates of World Cup here and there, this and that. At first, I felt quite ignorant about it. But then, even by not watching the opening and stuff, I am very much updated. Thanks to all the constant tweets! World Cup 2010 just dominated and spammed my Twitter account. Heh! ;D

Excuse me, I'm just not in the mood for football now.

But who can blame them?
The fever has officially started, minus the cough and the flu though.
Beware cause it may take awhile. It's going to spread!

I remember on the last World Cup in France, I was the one fill with excitement. Days before it started I got the schedules printed out on papers. I even got myself and the family members some jerseys and shorts in a set. I'm so fanatic that time, I even got the game cards of the players playing. I was so into England and another team, I felt like I was one of the boys, men or guy, whatever you may call it. Oh well, there is no gender preference when it comes to football love right? Who says Cristiano Ronaldo is not 'love'? Tell me *bluek* ;)

I heard, " Waka,waka, waka..." everywhere!

That's when I realize every guy I saw is going crazy night and day talking about football. I think I'll dream tonight that I'm in South Africa watching all those football matches...I might as well pretend I'm there for the whole month! Haha :D

So baby, what's the score again? :P

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